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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2534

126701. A box contains 24 pencils.Some of these pencils are green and others are red in colour.If a pencil is taken at random from the box,the probability that it is green is 1/Find the number of red pencils in the box

126702. What is the approximate length of the Western Ghats?

126703. Who founded the Theosophical Society?

126704. In India,Right to Information is a---------Right.

126705. As per the Indian tradition,Satvikam,Angikam,Vachikam and Aharyam are the four types of

126706. The European Central Bank has announced phasing out the highest value Euro bank note.What is the denomination of the note?

126707. Who first portrayed the image of Bharat Mata as a four-armed Hindu goddess?

126708. The film Priyamanasam directed by Vinod Mankara won an Award under which category at the 63rd National Film Festival?

126709. Makara Sanskranti is mainly a-------------festival

126710. The year in which the Maharaja of Travancore issued the Temple Entry Proclamation

126711. The author of the Sanskrit Mahakavya Keralodayam that won the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award-1979

126712. The historic Punnapra-Vayalar Revolt was against

126713. What is the population of the European Union?

126714. Referendum means

126715. The speaker could not use the time allotted to him properly since he went on----------on one point.

126716. Choose the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to PRODIGAL

126717. Choose the odd one from the following irregular verbs :

126718. V)Cast

126719. She reminded ----------the packet.

126720. John ---------at the age of 65,in 1998

126721. After the earthquake-----------in the area ----------major repairs.

126722. In television serials,almost all----------are portrayed as wicked and scheming

126723. In a certain code BEAUTY is written as ZGYWRHow is the word UGLY written in the same code?

126724. 81/3% of a number is What is 33 1/3% of that number?

126725. 6th March 2005 was a Monday.Then what was the day of the week on 7th March 2004?

126726. Find out the area of a square inscribed in a circle of radius 4 cm.

126727. A city has 1,489,000 people.What order of magnitude is this figure?

126728. 1113 x 1111=

126729. 3D printing can be used for producing which of the following?

126730. V.3D films

126731. India-based Neutrino Observatory is being set up in which State in India?

126732. What is being studied in LIGO laboratory?

126733. The Climate Change Agreement aimed at stabilizing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere adopted in 1997 is called

126734. The term’Brexit’is associated with which of the following?

126735. The Headquarters of the United Nations University is in

126736. Which among the following is/are institutes of National importance in Kerala?

126737. V.Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training

126738. A mobile App and website portal from where you can download all books of NCERT for free

126739. Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship for Research in Social Sciences is instituted by

126740. The language Dogra included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution is spoken mainly by the people in which State in India?

126741. According to the Right to Information Act,2005,if a person seeks information that concerns the life and security of a person,it shall be provided with a period of------from the time of receipt of the request.

126742. The overseas law firm involved in the Panama Paper data leak scandal

126743. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the President of which country?

126744. Taekwondo,a sport item gaining popularity in Kerala,was developed in which country?

126745. What is the theme of the 2016 Oscar Award winning film Spotlight?

126746. Identify the book not written by Chetan bhagat from the following

126747. Match the name of the following artists with the instruments in which they are: I.Zakir Hussain II.Pandit Ravi Shankar III.Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan IV.Dr.L.Subramanian V.Hariprasad Chaurasia A.Sitar B.Tabla C.Violin D.Flute E.Mridangam

126748. V.Hariprasad Chaurasia

126749. E.Mridangam

126750. The process of construction employed in the case of the Mamallapuram Rathas appers to have been repeated subsequently on a much larger scale in the construction of?

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