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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2535

126751. According to Advaita Vedanta,the most important pramana is

126752. Which of the following least influence the process of education?

126753. The More Knowledgeable Other(MKO)is related to which of the following educational scholars?

126754. According to Gordon Allport

126755. Which of the following does not represent the developmental task of an adolescent in ‘Learning to get along with friends of both sexes’?

126756. Article 21 A of the Constitution of India is related to:

126757. When of the following is not function of SCERT?

126758. A teacher is annoyed by the aggressive way of asking questions in the class by a student.In such situations the primary duty of a teacher is to

126759. Which of the following doesn’t fit with the role of a teacher as ‘facilitator’?

126760. A teacher follows a strategy in which students are encouraged to think about and interpret his/her life experiences,beliefs or knowledge to understand the subject.The strategy followed by the teacher can be called as

126761. Movement of categories of people within or between layers in open social stratification system is known as

126762. Every concept will have

126763. For teaching ancient civilizations,teacher arranges for the students to undertake an archaeological dig in a large sandbox.As the student find different objects,the teacher introduces classifying techniques.The students are encouraged to (1)set up a group museum by developing criteria and choosing which objects should belong,and (2)collaborate with other students who worked in different quadrants of the dig.Each group is then asked to develop theories about the civilizations that inhabited the areThis teaching can be called as

126764. A student reads or writes 17 for 71;reads ‘are there’for ‘there are’,and always keeps letters unfinished while note taking.This student is suffering from

126765. Which of the following is not an objective of achievement test?

126766. Which of the following condition is ideal for an interview?

126767. Which of the following is the best needed skill for a teacher to excel in their profession?

126768. What is MOOC?

126769. Pooja is a teacher writing her daily observations of a student and writes,without interpretation,that the student is not completing the class work and is constantly speaking out of turn.Which of the following objectives does she appear to be using

126770. What must the research participant give before they can participate in a research?

126771. Which of the following is not a general responsibility and function of the Kerala State Higher Education Council?

126772. In 1962,UNESCO established the Asian Regional Centre for Educational Planners and Administrators.Now it is known as

126773. Select the right choice in the order of chronology of the establishment of schmes given below:

126774. Ayisha is a teacher who has certain good qualities;she plans well before engaging classes,excellently manages classroom,integrates technology in teaching and does good mentoring.Ayisha has excellent

126775. Which of the following is not an operative function of HRM?

126776. Human Relations Approach was originated by

126777. Strategic HRM focus on:

126778. ---------is the process of identifying the individual strength and weakness in order to better match his/her competency with the job

126779. ------------is the method of analyzing and understanding interpersonal behavior

126780. ------------is the practice of measuring the quality of something by comparing it with something else of an accepted standard

126781. ---------------explains the proper relationship between wages paid for different jobs within a company

126782. -----------is used to identify gap in employee training and related training needs.

126783. Balanced score card was developed by:

126784. ---------is the overall scope of the activities that an individual has to perform

126785. Kaizen means:

126786. The concept of Plan-do-Check-Act was introduced by:

126787. In Merrick’s multiple piece rate plans,Employees producing between 83% and 100% of the output will be paid -----------of the basic piece rate

126788. In ancient Greek,Odysseus entrusted his friend with the responsibility of his son Telemachu’s education and development in his absence.This story is related to the concept of:

126789. The Payment of Wages Act was introduced in:

126790. --------training involves the duplication of organizational situations in a learning environment

126791. -----------is designed to provide new employees with the information to function comfortably in the organization

126792. In ---------minimum wage is guaranteed to all employees

126793. -------------measure the economic value of people to the organization

126794. -------is an incentive scheme where employees gain a part of company’s profit

126795. Which of the following is not an element of job characteristics?

126796. -----------can be called as the management of persons in an organization

126797. Which of the following is not a fringe benefit?

126798. ------are the written records which clearly specifies the personal attributes required to perform a job

126799. -----------is the process allowing the employees to change the nature of the job periodically

126800. ---------------is something more than minimum wage providing bare necessities of life

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