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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2581

129051. The best way to describe the Overall aim of Indian Planning is?

129052. Mukesh Rehani was a famous .........?

129053. The earliest evidence of Jewish community settling in India is provided by a charter of a?

129054. We don’t work hard .........?

129055. ......... we go by bus .........by train, it will take at least six hours.?

129056. The length of India’s coastline is about?

129057. With which sport the term ‘Caddie’ is associated?

129058. Leaking of LPG can be identified by mixing it with?

129059. The American President who was an actor before becoming president?

129060. Find out the mistake in the sentences.?

129061. Who among the following is the first winner of ‘H.K. Firodhia Award’?

129062. ‘White Plague’ is the another name of?

129063. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought in?

129064. Which animal never drinks water on its entire life?

129065. Janata Government introduced the concept of?

129066. The element kept under water is?

129067. Which of the following is not a part of primary circuit of ignition system?

129068. Insufficient clutch free pedal play causes:

129069. Double helical gears are known as:

129070. Which of the following device can bring two gears rotating at different speeds to the same speed for smooth gear shifting?

129071. The type of lubrication system suitable for racing cars is:

129072. If the lock to lock steering wheel rotation is four turns and the front wheel movement is 60 degrees,what is the steering ratio?

129073. The effect of carbon deposits on the cylinder head inside the combustion chamber is:

129074. Which among the following maintains a constant level of petrol in float chamber?

129075. The time duration,given in degrees of distributor rotation that the CB points remain closed between successive opening is:

129076. The engine power transfer mechanism that combines a transmission assembly and differential assembly in a single unit is known as:

129077. Which among the following is not a part of suspension system?

129078. The stub axle is connected to the front main axle beam by means of:

129079. The distance between the centre of front wheel at straight ahead position and the centre of rear wheel is known as:

129080. ”External pressure applied upon a confined fluid is transmitted uniformly in all directions”.This law is:

129081. Which of the following is not a possible cause of engine overheating?

129082. The narrow space in the cylindrical air horn of the Carburettor through which the air passes is:

129083. Major constituent of CNG (Compressed Natual Gas)is:

129084. The component of air brake system which protect reservoir from overloading is:

129085. The larger gear wheel used in the final drive is called:

129086. The formation of air pockets inside the torque converter due to low pressure is known as”

129087. Which among the following factor which does not effect engine compression ratio?

129088. The process commonly used for the manufacturing of cylinder liners is:

129089. The material used for piston ring is:

129090. The component which transmit reciprocating motion of valve lifter to rocker arm:

129091. Valve lapping is the process of grinding:

129092. The warpage of machined faces of cylinder block and cylinder head can be checked with:

129093. The test for finding the chemical conditions of the positive and negative battery plates is:

129094. The leaf springs are connected to axle beam by means of:

129095. The angle between king pin centre line and vertical in the plane of wheel is called:

129096. Wear on tyre is more on one side is due to:

129097. Useful powe obtained at the engine fly wheel is called:

129098. The nozzle valve in the injector unit is lifted off from it’s seat by:

129099. FIP is driven by:

129100. Which among the following tool is suitable for inserting piston with rings into the engine cylinder?

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