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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2582

129101. The boiling point of the coolent in cooling system is raised by:

129102. The location of Thermostat valve in cooling system is:

129103. The viscosity of multigrade oil is determined at:

129104. The rotor type oil pump has:

129105. Theoretically the inlet valve closes at BDC during suction stroke.Practically the inlet valve remains open a few more degrees of crank shaft rotation after BDThe purpose of this is to:

129106. Catalytic converter is associated with:

129107. When power factor is unity,the phase angle between voltage and current?

129108. In a water turbine alternator the speed will be:

129109. The speed of a DC series motor is dangerously high at no load because:

129110. Which caliper is used for scribing line along curved edges?

129111. This is not the reason for no light from the bulb in an automobile lighting system:

129112. If a contractor is in the open position.the armature is at its greatest distance from the core and the impedance of the coil is:

129113. For a given VA rating cross section area of core will be less if the following metal is used:

129114. Which of the following is not used for etching?

129115. An Ac or DC electric motor can be used to automatically:

129116. Air pollution is the least in this type of energy converter:

129117. If a new vehicle is found that the negative terminal of the battery is eartheThis indicates the used of the following:

129118. Sweep of ceiling fan refers to:

129119. In electrical accessories the use of silver is at:

129120. The instrument which can be classified as an absolute instrument is:

129121. The rating of power factor improvement capacitor is in:

129122. A transistor is a -------------operated device

129123. DC Supply is essential for the operation of:

129124. Chatter in an AC relay magnet can be eliminated by using:

129125. In this wiring,two lamps should be switched ‘ON’ at a time:

129126. For alignment of the job in a lathe machine,we may require small movements(small angular movements)of the chuck.This could be achieved by using a controller with:

129127. Degaussing is the process of:

129128. HRC fuse is superior protective device as compared to circuit breaker and relay as far as:

129129. Which of the following material has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance?

129130. By inserting reactance in the rotor circuit:

129131. In three phase power measurement by two wattmeter method,reading of one wattmeter found negative.Then the P.F of the load is:

129132. Epoxy cable joint is used where

129133. At the suction stroke in a reciprocating pump,the -----------valve closes and ---------valve opens

129134. Voltage stabilizers having auto transformer in servo stabilizer is of

129135. The ripple factor of a capacitor filter may be decreased by:

129136. On doubling the supply frequency,the eddy current will

129137. If three persons take reading in horizontally placed meter at the same instant,whose reading is correct?

129138. If the end of the shaft of a grinder motor turn blue it is an indication of:

129139. In black cotton soil,where water level is encountered within the pole pit,it is better to use:

129140. For testing insulation resistance the most suited electrical supply is:

129141. When an electric train moves down a hill,the DC series motor then act as:

129142. Wheat stone bridge works on the principle of:

129143. In DC machines for more voltage usually windin is done in:

129144. The curve representing ohm’s law is:

129145. The capacity of a Lead acid cell is usually expressed in:

129146. The output voltage of ignition coil in an automobile is given to:

129147. The type of soil which is known locally as “Regur”soil and suitable for cotton cultivation:

129148. Where was the first session of Indian National Congress held at:

129149. Where is the lotus temple located?

129150. The climate of India is:

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