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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2649

132451. The black granite statue of Lord Buddha known as Karumadikuttan is in : -

132452. An optical input device that interprets pencil marks on paper media is: -

132453. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into: -

132454. The full form of Wi-fi is: -

132455. The technique to allow a programme of size more than the size of main memory, to run is called: -

132456. Computer Mouse was invented by: -

132457. Who among the following was the first Computer Programmer? -

132458. Who coined the term Cyber Space? -

132459. Speed of the modem is measured in -

132460. Spim is : -

132461. '.mpg' extension refers usually to what kind of file? -

132462. A computer program that is used to convert an assembly language to machine language -

132463. ICMP is used for -

132464. The time between program input and output is called -

132465. Integrated Circuits were discovered by -

132466. The act of creating misleading websites for the purpose of online theft is called: -

132467. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly bean,Lollipop are the latest versions of which Operating System? -

132468. Who is known as inventor World Wide Web (WWW) ? -

132469. What is the full form of the first Electronic Computer ENIAC? -

132470. What is the process of loading the operating system files into dynamic random access memory? -

132471. The protocol used for retrieving email from a mail browser is -

132472. DNS stands for: -

132473. ISP stands for: -

132474. IBM 1401 is ____ generation computer. -

132475. Unauthorized attempts to bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network is called: -

132476. In 1983, who defined the term 'Computer Virus'? -

132477. The term associated with processing of computers: -

132478. 'Malayavilasam' which marked the begining of modern Malayalam poetry was composed by: -

132479. The article 'Smaranamadhuri' was written by: -

132480. The novel 'Sarada' is written by: -

132481. 'Vaidyajeevanam' is the work written on Ayurveda by: -

132482. Who is the author of 'Malabar Kalapam'? -

132483. Who is the author of 'Pokkuveyil Mannilezhutiyath'? -

132484. Who wrote the book 'Keralam Malayalikalude Mathrubhumi'? -

132485. 'Njanappana' was written by: -

132486. Which is the first Vayalar Award winning novel? -

132487. Who published the first travelogue in malayalam? -

132488. The first characteristic novel 'Indulekha' published in -

132489. Malayalam novelist known as 'Kerala Mopasang': -

132490. Who is the author of the book" Veenapoovu"? -

132491. The author of the 'Sree Buddha Charitham' : -

132492. Yakshagana is the dance form of: -

132493. As per Indian tradition, satvikam, angikam, vachikam and aharyam are the four types of: -

132494. Lalgudi Jayaraman is a maestro of which musical instrument? -

132495. The World famous artist known as 'King of Shadows': -

132496. Who is the creator of 'Phantom' , 'Mandrake the Magician' comic strips? -

132497. Caravaggio was famous as : -

132498. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is the principal designer of which famous building? -

132499. Who was the painter of the famous painting called - 'Bharatmata'? -

132500. The famous painting 'Relief of Lucknow' painted by -

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