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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 270

13501. Christine Lagarde, the first woman Director General of IMF belongs to.......?

13502. Sec. 303 IPC prescribed death sentence mandatory to a convict who commits murder while undergoing the sentence of life imprisonment. This section has been struck down by the Supreme Court in:

13503. A' made certain statements to 'B',which was true when it was made, but subsequently became false by change of circumstances. 'A' didn't disclose the changed fact:

13504. . Remedy through Quantum meruit is not available to the

13505. Covenant runs with the land is also an exception to the rule of privity of contract.' This principle is applied in

13506. Common intention is a:

13507. A man cannot be a convict for the same offence more than once is

13508. Acuts downatree on Z's ground with the intention of dishonestly taking it out of Z's possession without his consent and takes it away

13509. A decree passed in the absence of the defendant is

13510. Socialist' concept in Indian Constitution derives from

13511. The object of The Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 is to eradicate corruption among

13512. After making an arrest the accused shall be produced before the Magistrate

13513. In the case of a non-bailable offence

13514. Which ofthe following provision in CrPC speaks about the competency of an accused as a witness?

13515. Mc Naughten's Rule is associated with:

13516. The International Date Line Deviates From 1800 Meridian In The North Pacific Ocean Due To

13517. The World’s Highest Hydel Power Project ‘Rongtong’ Is Located In

13518. Artesian Wells Are Found In

13519. Which One Of The Following Is The Farthest From The Centre Of The Earth?

13520. The Multipurpose Sardar Sarovar Project Is Being Built Across Which River ?

13521. Which One Of The Following Rivers Orginates Near Mahabaleshwar?

13522. Put In Descending Order Of Content Of Fixed Carbon 1.Peat 2.Lignite 3.Bituminous Coal 4.Anthracite

13523. Which One Of The Following Pairs Is Not Correctly Matched? (Lake — Location)

13524. Which Of The Following Has The Minimum Humus?

13525. Choose Incorrect Statement

13526. Which Of The Following Crops Requires Water Logging?

13527. Coal Is Found In

13528. Trade Winds Blow In The Norhtern Hemisphere From

13529. “Namibia” Was Earlier Known As

13530. Which One Of The Following Gases Is Predominant In The Atmosphere?

13531. Osaka (Japan) Is Known As The

13532. Most Of The Weather Phenomena Take Place In The -

13533. `Sakshat’ Is

13534. Which One Of The Following Nations Has Recently Pushed Back Its Time And Synchronised With The Indian Standard Time?

13535. The Mainstream Of River Ganga Which Flows Beyond Farakka Is Known As

13536. The Collective Farms In The Steppes Of Eurasia Are Termed As

13537. Duncan Pass Is Between

13538. In India Which Of The Following Are The Southernmost Hills?

13539. Which Of The Following Is Known As “Island Of Precipitation” ?

13540. A Sudden Fall In The Barometric Reading Indicates

13541. Winds And Air Currents Differ In The Aspect That

13542. The Chilka Lake Region Lies In Between The Deltas Of

13543. Black Soil Is Best Suited For -

13544. The Controversial Perambikulam-Aliyar Project (Pap) Which Is Built On The River Aliyar Serves Mainly For Irrigation Purpose Involves Which Two States

13545. India attained ‘Dominion Status’ on—

13546. Despotism is possible in a—

13547. Marx belonged to—

13548. Fundamental duties are incorporated in Indian Constitution by:

13549. Sarkaria Commission was concerned with—

13550. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha has to address his/her letter of resignation to—

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