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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 269

13451. Haemoglobin is an Iron-containing—

13452. Green flames given out by the burning of firework is due to the presence of—

13453. Which one of the following is not a function of protein ?

13454. Metal used for galvanising iron is—

13455. An example of a synthetic rubber is—

13456. The metal which is called Quick Silver is—

13457. What is the tenure of office of the Vice-President ?

13458. Who amidst the following Presidents held office for two terms ?

13459. Which of the following constitutional documents had the most profound influence in creating the Indian Constitution ?

13460. Which of the following produces the widely used antibiotic penicillin ?

13461. What forms the largest part of most diets ?

13462. Acid present in Tamarind is—

13463. Which of the following diseases is caused by a viral infection ?

13464. In which part of India does saffron grow ?

13465. The average contribution of 5 men to a fund is 35. Sixth man joins and pays 35 more than the resultant average of six men. The total contribution of all the six man is:

13466. Who can issue the writs for enforcement of the fundamental rights ?

13467. What does hail consist of ?

13468. IfV1+= 1, then the value of x is:

13469. If the side of a square is increased by 30%, then the area of the square is increased by:

13470. Salary of an employ increases consistently by 50% every year. If his salary today is =10000. What will be the salary after 4 years?

13471. Sedition in section 124 A of IPC is an offence

13472. A intentionally causes Z's death partly by illegally omitting to give Z food and partly by beating Z. The offence committed by A is

13473. The famous case Queen. V. Flattery related with the offence of

13474. A hires a carriage of B. The carriage is unsafe though B is not aware of it and is injured. Whether B is responsible

13475. Defamation is a wrong affecting the

13476. In which of the following case the Supreme Court has held that right to education is a fundamental right?

13477. People's union for civil liberties V.Union of India is popularly known as

13478. Art 44 of the Indian Constitution requires the state to secure for the citizena:

13479. Right to clean environment is a

13480. Which Article has proposed right to religion?

13481. Attorney General for India is appointed by:

13482. Which one of the following is an asset as per Sec.2(ca) of Wealth Tax Act?

13483. .Which of the following does not form part of Actus Reus?

13484. Acquittal is:

13485. Hot mail is developed by?

13486. Writ of Quo-warranto means:

13487. Lockout is

13488. Vicarious liability arises out of the relationship:

13489. .In valuation of immovable property in Bangalore, the specified area means or the aggregate area, for wealth tax purpose:

13490. A clog on 'redemption' is a:

13491. Income accruing in London and received there is taxable in India in the case of

13492. In order to constitute the offence of abetment:

13493. In the case of a contract the information received from an unauthorised person is ineffective was formed in:

13494. The Doctrine which was popular by the French Jurist, Motesquieu is

13495. .A 'will' operates on the

13496. .Which one of the following is related with sienter rule?

13497. A judgement debtor is a person

13498. The landmark case which put forward the guide lines of arrest

13499. Right to know is a

13500. Pecuniary jurisdiction of a Sub court is:

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