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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2710

135501. Where is the Malayalam Research Centre located?

135502. Who announced American Model Constitution for Travancore?

135503. The famous Edakkal caves is located in which district of Kerala?

135504. Which one of the following Islands is a source of dispute between Spain and Britain?

135505. Who has won the Dronacharya award of 2013 from Kerala?

135506. ’Lumbering’is associated with:

135507. Which of the following metal is the best conductor of electricity?

135508. Photosynthesis takes faster in:

135509. The slogan ‘Jain Hind’is associated with:

135510. Which of the followingg is a folk dance?

135511. Study of insects is known as:

135512. What is the expansion of URL?

135513. Which district of Kerala is the first polio free district in India?

135514. Where is the first Woman Police Station in Kerala?

135515. Which state is associated with Gandhian Anna Hazare?

135516. Which chemical is responsible for the aroma of Perfume?

135517. When was Suez Canal opened?

135518. Who propounded the philosophy of ‘Dvaitadvaita’

135519. Who founded ‘Harijan Sevak Sangh’for providing educational,medical and technical facilities to depressed classes

135520. Who was the founder of ‘Servants of the People Society’

135521. As per the Census 2011,Which Union Territory in India has the highest female sex ratio

135522. Who won French Open 2014 Womens Singles title

135523. Which country won Hocky World Cup 2014

135524. Who was the founder of ‘Vaala Samudaya Parishkarani Sabha’

135525. Who was the brain child of Ezhava Memorial

135526. Who introduced ‘Permanent Revenue Settlement’

135527. In which year the ‘Kayal Conference’was held under the leadership of Pandit Karuppan

135528. Who wrote the novel’Idris’

135529. K.R.Narayanan Institute of Visual Science and Arts is situated in which district

135530. Who wrote ‘Kristumatha Niroopanam’

135531. During the European period which river in Kerala was called as’English Channel in India’

135532. The headquarters of ‘Forest Survey of India’is situated at

135533. Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of Indian Independence

135534. Over which occasion Ganghi gave his famous slogan ‘Do or Die’

135535. Who wrote ‘The Hindus:An Alternative History’

135536. Modified American Plan(MAP):

135537. The minimum carpet area for a five star resort hotel (Double room)is

135538. Which one of the following organization is operating youth hostels around the world?

135539. Which one of the following is inflammable organic solvent?

135540. Which one of the following is used for removing blood stain?

135541. Which one of the following equipment is manual equipment in HouseKeeping?A

135542. A dish prepared with a Bechamel sauce containing mushrooms,green peppers,and red or pimento peppers known as:

135543. A mixture of beaten eggs,(either whole eggs,yolks,or whites)and a liquid,such as milk or water,that is used to coat baked goods before or during baking to give them a sheen is known as:

135544. Which one of the following is example of hors-doeuvre?

135545. Which one of the following is fermented alcoholic beverage?

135546. ’Starka’vodka is:

135547. The second largest linguistics unit in India is----------

135548. Which of the following is called the ‘Gateway to the Pacific’?

135549. What do you mean by’reserved forest’?

135550. Find out the most suitable answer.People wear goggles because:

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