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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2709

135451. The hardware used in second generation is:

135452. Which one of the following is correct address for E-mail?

135453. The very small and relatively inexpensive computer is called:

135454. If particular workbooks have to open each time excel started,where that Workbook should be placed:

135455. A background image that appears behind the text on a page is:

135456. In Word the mailing list is known as:

135457. What is the shortcut key to open the Font dialog box?

135458. Which of the following symbol sets would be most likely to contain a Greek or mathematical symbols such as a degree sign,greater than or equal to

135459. We can choose up to a maximum line weight of ---------points in Pagemaker 0

135460. ---------is recognized World Wide as the best Web based E-mail service.

135461. Protection of a worksheet by a password can be longed up to

135462. Search engine

135463. A clearly printed MS Word document scanned by a least scanner can be converted to MS Word using:

135464. The Word Processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document is:

135465. The name given to the process of initializing a micro-computer with its operating system:

135466. Minimum zooming percentage supported by MS Word 2007 is:

135467. The chat used to show the trends over time:

135468. Hotmail offers users-------------to send funs,colourful messages to friends

135469. What is the information code for worksheet name?

135470. Which protocol helps to remotely login to other network system?

135471. The process of unlinking threaded text blocks is known as:

135472. In RJ-45 connector the number of contact pins:

135473. The memo data type field is used to:

135474. The PS/2 keyboard connector has --------pins:

135475. PPD stands for:

135476. Router works at the --------layer of OSI model

135477. What field type is used to store picture in a table?

135478. The modulator and demodulator is otherwise called as

135479. The switch used in DIR command for displaying in ascending order is:

135480. Who designed the first electronics computer-ENIAC?

135481. Human beings are referred to as Homosapinens,which device is called Silico Sapiens?

135482. What is the Computer language used for artificial intelligence?

135483. Which are the Arabic numerals?

135484. Which function is used to divide two numbers?

135485. In MS Access to insert a user’s voice in a table field the data type should be:

135486. Which of the following is invalid field name in MS Access?

135487. Which of the following is the largest manufacturer of hard disk drives?

135488. The --------------can be programmed on time by either the manufacturer or the computer user.Once programmed,it cannot be modified

135489. In DOS the function file and record management is done by:

135490. The time required to position the head over the proper track is called:

135491. The DOS command FDISK is used to:

135492. A coding structure in which characters are represented by means of a series of parallel bar is:

135493. A method of providing virtual memory is:

135494. The template file extension of MS Word 2010 is:

135495. IBM-4381 is an example of:

135496. Which is the shortcut key used to see the print preview of Power Point 2007?

135497. Which is not a network?

135498. Who was the first Indian in Pre-Independent India to discuss the concept of a Poverty Line?

135499. Who amount the following was the first person determine the circumference of the Earth?

135500. Who is the first Indian Woman Player to clinch an Individual medal at the world Badminton Championship?

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