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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2708

135401. How many districts will be there in the proposed state of’Telengana’?

135402. In which ocean,the Surgaso sea is situated?

135403. The venue of 2014 winter Olympics:

135404. The state which was firstly adopted the right to information act?

135405. Which of the following social reformer of Kerala became the Minister of Thiru Kochi Mantrisabha?

135406. The world’s first petroleum and energy studies university was launched at:

135407. The term ‘Tiger wood’s is related to:

135408. Father of Indian nuclear science:

135409. The committee appointed by British government to investigator into the Jallian Wallabagh massacre:

135410. Lira is the coin of:

135411. The social reformer of India who was honoured with the title Mahatma:

135412. ’Ekisma’ affected which part of our body?

135413. The district which was firstly started the Akshaya project?

135414. Which Congress session decided to follow 26th January as Independent Day of India?

135415. ’Yugantar Ashramam is the headquarters of:

135416. June 5th ,the environmental day is celebrated on the memory of the environmental summit held by UNO in:

135417. The first river valley project started India is:

135418. ’Uber cup’is associated with:

135419. Who is known as Sivayogi?

135420. Olympic Airways is the air service of:

135421. -------------is the shortcut key used to run macro in MS Excel

135422. Increasing/Decreasing the space between the word is known as:

135423. The attributes of file or folder in DOS is:

135424. Any software stored in Read Only Memory is called as:

135425. What does Ctrl+=key effects?

135426. Which of the following memories need refresh?

135427. Which feature helps to insert the contents of the clipboard as text without any formatting?

135428. What happens to RAM on computer being shut down?

135429. Who gave the definition of Computer virus at first?

135430. Expansion of FPI

135431. In which year the symbol”@”is used in E-mail?

135432. Colours can be applied to characters in increments of ---------in Pagemaker

135433. The dimension of a letter in portrait is:

135434. MS Word’s largest formatting unit is:

135435. Which Computer Virus will not reproduce by infecting other files or by self-replicating?

135436. The shortcut key for full screen view is:

135437. Which bar contains messages and prompts in MS Excel?

135438. Which is the unit of Internet accessing speed?

135439. The term used to refer to an individual,who gains unauthorized access to Computer system for the purpose of stealing and corrupting data is:

135440. Safari is a:

135441. The duplicate copy of a document created in Word is called:

135442. Excel will add the new worksheet to the selected worksheet tabs:

135443. What is the keyboard shortcut for switching between the page layout and story editor?

135444. Which is valid?

135445. To place something in the same position on every slide of presentation automatically,insert in to:

135446. What is the shortcut key to hide entire row in a work sheet?

135447. If 4/6 entered in a cell without applying any formats,Excel will treat this as:

135448. To select more than one slide in the presentation:

135449. What is the default left margin in Word-2010?

135450. The shortcut key used to insert a page break:

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