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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2712

135601. The Kizhariyur Bomb case was in the year

135602. During the period of Second World War KPCC observed ‘Anti Repression Day’on

135603. The first grammar work in Malayalam language ‘Leelathilakam’was prepared by

135604. Who initiated Socio-reform Movement through the Aruvipuram installation?

135605. Who is considered as the ‘father of Tenancy legislation in Malabar’?

135606. Which among the following publication is not associated with Vakkom Moulavi?

135607. The author of the poem ‘Kudiyozhikkal’

135608. Who said”My own feeling is that the congress is tottering to its fall,and one of my great ambitions,while in India is to assist it to its peaceful demise?

135609. The Separate Electorate under which only Muslim voters could vote for the seats reserved in the Councils for Muslims was introduced by

135610. Mahathma Gandhi remarked that “It was a post dated cheque drawn on a crushing Bank”,regarding

135611. Which one of the following non-members of Parliament has the right to address it?

135612. Which one of the following Articles of the Directive Principles of State Policy deals with the promotion of International Peace and Security?

135613. Who among the following can be removed from the office without impeachment?

135614. In which of the following States is the Hills Khasi located?

135615. A deep valley cut by a river running through a mountainous region is known as:

135616. The first Indian elected to the leadership of Communist International was:

135617. Which of the following state is the host for National Youth Day festival 2016?

135618. The role of silicon emulsion in rubber product manufacturing is as a

135619. Magnessium ammonium sulphate is otherwise known as

135620. Hardness is measured in

135621. Tripsometer is an instrument used to determine

135622. Rubber hydrocarbon content of whole tyre reclaim

135623. EBC is a form of

135624. Which of the following property is best in mono-sulphidic vulcanization systems?

135625. Schwratz value is a quality assessment of

135626. Which among these is not considered as a quality control test for latex?

135627. The equipment used for preparing dispersion

135628. Identify the additive used as white pigment

135629. Metrolac is an equipment used to determine the

135630. Which among these cannot be considered as a general purpose rubber?

135631. Potassium Oleate is added to the latex compound to

135632. Butyl rubber is cured with

135633. Which of the following is not a quality test for latex foam?

135634. High VFA values of a latex compound indicate its

135635. The standard size of a mixing mill is:

135636. Latex thread is manufactured by

135637. Identify the synthetic rubber that shows low gas permeability

135638. Gelling agent used in foams

135639. Which among these is not a coacervant?

135640. For the vulcanization of chloroprene rubber the curing agent used is

135641. Trans isomer of poly isoprene is

135642. The process of reusing the scrap in to products after chemical treatment is termed as

135643. Necking or Pearling is a defect associated with

135644. The bleaching agent used in Pale latex crepe

135645. Flat spotting of tyres usually occur in

135646. The unit of tensile strength is

135647. Which of the statement is not true about radial tyres?

135648. The slope of the stress-strain graph gives the

135649. Monomers of butyl rubber are

135650. Friction ratio refers to

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