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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2713

135651. Which is used as an anticoagulant?

135652. PAN,PBN etc are used in rubber compounding as

135653. Which of the following property decreases with increase in crosslink density?

135654. A cellular product with closed cell structure

135655. EPNR stands for

135656. In radial tyres chords are at what angle to the axis of rotation?

135657. The percentage of dirt in ISNR 5 is

135658. Which of these refers to determine the stability of latex on stirring?

135659. KOH is added to the latex compound as

135660. Which is considered as cool running?

135661. If the amount of sulphur is higher than that of the accelerator,the vulcanization system is a/an

135662. DBC %of field latex is

135663. Markham still apparatus is used to find

135664. The delayed action accelerator used is

135665. The test conducted to determine the level of proteins in latex is

135666. Product that is manufactured by wrapped mandrel moulding is

135667. Which of the following is a continuous vulcanization method?

135668. The synthetic rubber with low resilience is

135669. FEF is a type of

135670. Accelerator for chloroprene rubber is

135671. Amount of inorganic content of a rubber is calculated from its

135672. An example of a copolymer is

135673. The concentration method which works on stroke’s formula is

135674. Which is not used as an anticoagulant?

135675. The heating test done to detect halogens in a polymer is

135676. With increase of filler loading the heat build up of a rubber compound

135677. Balloons are prepared by dipping formers in

135678. For the production of hawai sole,natural rubber should be blended with

135679. High dosage of stearic acid is desirable in the compounding of which rubber product?

135680. Cells in latex foam are

135681. Renacit is a chemical name of a

135682. Masterbatch is a

135683. The accelerator used in latex compounding is

135684. Fill factor is associated with

135685. Hollow articles are made by

135686. The solvent for natural rubber is

135687. The dimension of the extruded product as it comes out of the die will be

135688. Pot is used in

135689. Friction ratio of a mixing mill

135690. De Lavel machine is used in

135691. The grade of ISNR used in tyre industry

135692. Upside down mixing is recommended for

135693. The inorganic rubber among the following is

135694. The percentage of ammonia in HA latex is

135695. Crack growth is minimum for

135696. CV rubber refers to

135697. Antimony oxide is an additive which imparts

135698. Place:Transportation , Knowledge:Advertisement ,Risk:Insurance, Time:------------?

135699. ”Zoological parks are overcrowded on Sundays and holidays””Buses are overloaded in the morning and evening” .A marketing strategy to shift or reduce these demand is called:

135700. Income and Expenditure Account:Profit and Loss Account Surplus:Profit,Deficit:Loss Receipts and Payment Account:---------?

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