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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2744

137201. Human Rights Day is observed on:

137202. Author of’Gift to Monotheists’:

137203. Lines drawn on map through places having equal height above the sea level:

137204. India’s first Nobel Prize was for:

137205. Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle is associated with:

137206. A tributary of River Godavari:

137207. Which hormone is known as emergency hormone?

137208. Hardest substance of human body:

137209. Sivasamudram Hydro Electric Project is situated in:

137210. Vitamins,that are soluble only in water are:

137211. power to amend Indian Constitution is in:

137212. Which of the following is known as ‘Plastic Money’?

137213. ’Long Walk to Freedom’is written by:

137214. The slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’is related to:

137215. Doctrine of Lapse was introduced by:

137216. The ‘Tennis Court Oath’is related to:

137217. India Gate is situated in:

137218. What colour will give a red litmus paper,in the presence of an acid?

137219. Who among the following was a famous astronomer?

137220. The Declaration of American Independence was drafted by:

137221. Orange Prize is reserved for:

137222. Which one of the following is not an Input Device?

137223. Former Indian Junior Diplomat who was charged under the official secrets action with spying for Pakistan:

137224. Stethoscope was invented by:

137225. On 14th July 2009,Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the chief guest of National Day Parade of:

137226. Chemical Name of Chalk is:

137227. International date line passes through:

137228. Kari Marx belonged to:

137229. Study of skin relates to:

137230. ’National Congress is the name of Parliament of:

137231. Which of the following is caused by Bacteria?

137232. Booker Prize winner of 2009

137233. The word ‘Mesopotamia means land between two rivers .These rivers are:

137234. Which of the following is a Leap Year?

137235. The largest neighbouring country of India is:

137236. Pericardium is the covering of:

137237. Vayalar Award winner in 2009 is:

137238. Green Revolution was started in:

137239. Fastest Internet connection speed is:

137240. In client –server model,the browser is called:

137241. Browsers are used for seeing:

137242. The traditional method of creation of information in an office:

137243. In word,the following document type is not used

137244. To save an existing document in the same file name which menu item is used:

137245. To find a string of characters,in a document and replace with another string of characters,the following menu item is used:

137246. Sub menu of format menu in word is:

137247. In a word document page number is inserted into:

137248. In a word document,table row can be draw by using:

137249. The margins of the word document can be set by:

137250. Word count in word is used for counting:

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