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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2746

137301. The synonym of avaricious is--------------

137302. Which of the following words is spelt correctly?

137303. If if------------------was shall not go out

137304. We thought---------------the matter

137305. The train is always---------

137306. We have lunch break at one O’clock,-------------?

137307. ---------------you please close the door?

137308. He is bent--------------mischief

137309. He didn’t---------his homework

137310. The synonym of’benevolent’is--------

137311. The antonym of’rigid’is-------------

137312. She has no access --------------the Manager

137313. He has lived in Chennai--------------three years

137314. You will be held responsible--------------your conduct

137315. He is not coming to the show,------------

137316. They are always late,--------------

137317. The place for keeping dogs is called------------

137318. I am-------of success this time

137319. We should help---------poor

137320. One who leaves one country to settle in another is called-----------------

137321. The word’foe’means--------------

137322. The word ‘lethargy’means

137323. Lightening conductors are made of

137324. Lunar eclipse is caused when:

137325. Operation flood refers to--------------

137326. Which one of the following contains the ‘Gayatri Mantra’?

137327. Conventional Rain fall is common in---------

137328. The planets on either side of the earth are:

137329. The Manas wildlife sanctuary is located in the state of--------------

137330. Under what article of the constitution of India the President can impose the President’s Rule in a state:

137331. Diego Garcia is an Island In the -----------

137332. The number of images of an object placed between two parallel mirrors is---------

137333. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last day at-------------

137334. Stainless Steel is formed by

137335. Dhyan Chand Trophy is associated

137336. The Science of Vegetable Culture is known as-------------

137337. Indian Institute of Sugar Technology is located at-------------

137338. Local Govt.in India is introduced by-------------

137339. The number of points in a mariners Compass is

137340. Human rights day

137341. Choreography is related to------------

137342. Capital of Peru

137343. National Chemical Laboratory is located at------------

137344. Buland Darwaza was erected by-------------

137345. Lines on the map,joining places having equal atmospheric pressure are called

137346. Parliament of Japan is called------------

137347. The city on the bank of the river Sabarmathi

137348. The study of fungi and fungal diseases is known as

137349. Hydrophonic means-----------

137350. Iron pillar in New Delhi belongs to-------------

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