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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2777

138851. Mercy Mathew,who does social work among the tribes in Madhya Pradesh is better known as:

138852. A man starts from a point P travels through a circular path with perimeter 200 m and ends at the same point P .What is his displacement?

138853. The colour of light produced by the discharge lamp filled with sodium vapour:

138854. The scientist who successfully classified elements into a periodic table:

138855. The phenomenon of light exhibited white passing through an optical fibre:

138856. The minimum distance between the sound source and the reflecting surface to hear echo

138857. The voltage at which electricity is produced in the power stations in India

138858. The main component of CNG:

138859. Which colour present in the sunlight undergoes more scattering?

138860. Which of the following gas is produced by ‘Haber Process’?

138861. The electronic component which stores electric charge:

138862. An example for Ex-situ conservation:

138863. Basic unit of classification of organisms:

138864. Which among the following is a function of sympathetic nervous system?

138865. Power house of the cell:

138866. The largest part of brain is:

138867. The digestive enzyme of gastric juice is:

138868. Which hormone increases blood calcium level?

138869. Elbow joint is an example of:

138870. Respiratory organ of Earthworm is:

138871. The ORS contain the following compounds except:

138872. The common cause of diarrhoeal disease in children were due to:

138873. The maximum incubation period of Cholera disease is:

138874. The drug of choice forARI control program in India is:

138875. The widal test is done for diagnosis of:

138876. The colour of the tank containing chlorine gas should be:

138877. The colour coding of the container to dispose sharps are:

138878. The first aid for scald injury is applying:

138879. Minimum recommended level of residual chlorine in drinking water:

138880. Orthotolidine test is used for:

138881. In RNTCP-TB is diagnosed by:

138882. Which is not an eligibility to become a DOT provider?

138883. The presence of the following in a water sample is an evidence for recent contamination

138884. For setting a national standards for fluoride the factor NOT considering:

138885. The cut of point of Hemogobin level for enemia in Pregnant women is:

138886. An episode of food poisoning was reported within 6 hours of taking food-The causative organism may be:

138887. The route of transmission of following is through skin:

138888. The resting habit of Anophiline mosquito is:

138889. For the treatment of Vivax infection Primaquine should be given for------days

138890. The lymphatic filariasis in India is mainly due to infection with:

138891. For Iodization the salt is fortified with

138892. Which of the following is an amplifier of JE virus?

138893. Number of doses of Tetanus toxoid given for a primi women:

138894. Germ theory of disease was coined by:

138895. Painless ulcer is feature of:

138896. The following is NOT a symptom of congenital rubella:

138897. The following is a killed vaccine:

138898. The carcinogen in tobacco is:

138899. Folic acid deficiency in mother will leads to following defect in children:

138900. The antedote for methyl alcohol poisoning is:

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