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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2789

139451. The Origin of Species is the book by:

139452. Using General principles to analyze specific cases is called:

139453. What does Angstrom measures?

139454. First elected President of Indian National Congress was:

139455. India wins freedom is a book by:

139456. Nehru’s biography is written by

139457. Usain Bolt set the 100 Meter world record in ------time.

139458. As per Human Development Index,which country occupies the first rank?

139459. Starting process of a computer is known as:

139460. The term ‘directory’is equalent to:

139461. The picture which represents programs on the Desk Top is called:

139462. Floppy is a ---------storage device.

139463. Which of the following operating system is produced by IBM?

139464. The smallest unit of memory is known as:

139465. Which of the following is not required for mail merge?

139466. Calculator is in---------menu.

139467. Which of the following will you opt for saving a file?

139468. Short cut key used to cut the selected text:

139469. What is PDF stand for?

139470. The short cut key used to Redo the last action performed is:

139471. Who is known as the first computer programmer?

139472. ----------is free software

139473. -----------Megabytes=1 Gigabytes

139474. Clicking the left mouse button twice simultaneously is called:

139475. For enlarging a window you can also double-click on it’s ---------bar

139476. Spelling and grammar button is present on the ------------tool bar

139477. The ----------Bar is located at the bottom of Microsoft Excel window

139478. The ---------icon lets you store deleted files and recover them if required

139479. ------------is basically a quick link to a program,a file or a folder

139480. L in Roman letters means:

139481. Which spread sheet software is most suitable for preparing Balance Sheet?

139482. Who invented mouse?

139483. ALU stands for:

139484. The upper portion of the machine which moves while typing is called:

139485. The hard cylinder is used for:

139486. Carriage rack travels on the ------------wheel.

139487. There are---------character keys in Haida Typewriter:

139488. The shift key is used for getting ----------character on the paper.

139489. The space bar is directly connected to the:

139490. When pressing --------key the carriage moved step by step towards right.

139491. --------developed Touch Method

139492. While sending letters from the Govt.Offices we can see at the top of the envelope:

139493. ---------used before the name of the Governor

139494. ---------is used to get blank spaces between words and letters

139495. There are ---------------Scales in the Typewriter.

139496. Over tension of Main spring caused:

139497. Another name of variable line spacer is:

139498. Sketches can also be drawn by

139499. When the Typewriter is in rest ----------dog catch hold of the escapement wheel.

139500. Gap between lines equal to letter is called:

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