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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2790

139501. Expansion of PIN Number:

139502. Government orders published by the order of the :

139503. To save time and labor-----------envelop is used

139504. Balance sheet is prepared to show

139505. Income tax paid for the proprietor for the business is

139506. Closing stock is valued at:

139507. Balance Sheet is a

139508. The statements sent by the consignor to the consignee is known as

139509. Capital structure means

139510. First Malayalam film which won national award

139511. Who is the present Defence Minister in the central cabinet?

139512. Who is the first Prime Minister of India?

139513. A documentary evidence in support of a transaction

139514. Providing the truth about the correctness and authenticity of assets and liabilities stated in the balance Sheet.

139515. Transactions are first entered in the books by referring

139516. Which of the following is the example of direct tax?

139517. Finance bill passed by-----------every year.

139518. Sales journal is meant for recording

139519. The process of transfer to enter to ledger

139520. Collection of all the accounts debited or credited in the general journal

139521. Both debited and credit aspect of transactions entered in both sides of an account

139522. Social security means

139523. Who is the powerful body in the Indian Constitution?

139524. Cash account is

139525. Transfer to reserve is debited in the ----------account of a company.

139526. Power to issue currency is the function of

139527. The period of 12 months commencing on the first day of April every year is known as

139528. The primary function of management is

139529. Sliding scale budget is called

139530. In BEP fixed cost must be equivalent to

139531. Mathematically the probability of an event lies some where between

139532. Periodical statements sent by consignee to consignor is known a

139533. The consignment stock is valued at

139534. Del credere commission is the additional commission given to the consignee for

139535. Overriding commission is given for

139536. Abnormal loss is valuated at

139537. Who is the first Chief Minister of Kerala?

139538. Examination and checking of accounting records

139539. Primary objective of auditing

139540. Teeming and lading comes under

139541. The practice by which the Balance Sheet is made to show a state of affairs that is better than actual state of affairs

139542. Grapevine means

139543. Who was 6 sixes for India in 20:20 cricket?

139544. The workers who work for the business but the premises of workers is known as

139545. Salary @Rs.4000 per month for two months remains unpaid during the current year

139546. Annual insurance premium paid on 1-10-2005 was Rs.The accounting year ends on 31st March In this context amount paid for the next year is

139547. Consignment account is prepared to find out the

139548. Goods are sent at loaded price

139549. The duty imposed by Companies Act is

139550. First general meeting of a company is

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