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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2791

139551. Investigation is

139552. The basic rules according to which the books of accounts of a business should be audite

139553. Audit work done in enterprise continuosly throughout the course of the accounting year at regular intervals

139554. A method to evaluate the efficiency of the management in an organization

139555. Auditors plan to action

139556. Examining a representative sample from a large number of similar items

139557. The material lost in processing having no recovery value is known as

139558. Lalu purchases goods on account from business for his own use

139559. Advance received in respect of service to be rendered in the next year.

139560. Finished product not up to standard is known as

139561. Recording of the time spent by a worker on a job is

139562. Single entry system stands for

139563. Helps in verifying the correctness of entries made

139564. Equality of debits and credits

139565. Book of original entry

139566. Summary of the transaction entered in the journal

139567. Audit to satisfy income tax authorities is

139568. Controller and Auditor General of India conducts

139569. Co-operative Societies Act of Kerala came into force in

139570. Audit in the area of social responsibility

139571. Co-operative movement was firstly taken place in

139572. Civil liability comes under

139573. Misstatement in prospectus by auditor

139574. Automatic review of operations

139575. The whole system of control established by the management in the conduct of business

139576. Comparing entries in the books of accounts with documentary evidence

139577. Payment on the basis of result is

139578. The time for which the employer pays but derives no benefits is

139579. The quantity of material to be purchased at one time to optimize the cost is known as

139580. ABC analysis means

139581. Journal is meant for recording all credit purchasing of goods

139582. VED analysis is connected with

139583. Closing stock is

139584. In a sole traders Balance Sheet,assets are arranged in the order of

139585. Goodwill is-----------asset

139586. Gross Profit is the difference between

139587. Bino purchases frequently from Raj on credit.Which book is suitable for recording transaction in the books of Raj?

139588. It is both a journal and a ledger

139589. A petty cashier after spending Rs.96 during the week has been reimbursed by the same amount.This amount is

139590. Accounting rules,practices and conventions should not change from one year to an other as per the

139591. Outstanding expenses is a

139592. One or more computers used for preparation of financial statements

139593. Flat cost means

139594. Decentralisation means--------------decision making.

139595. Who is the father of scientific management?

139596. Income Tax Act came into force in

139597. Income received in advance is

139598. Accrued income is

139599. Interest on capital is--------to the business.

139600. Prepaid expense is

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