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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2801

140051. The head light of a vehicle is connected with the battery in:

140052. The state of charge of battery is checked by:

140053. If three resistances 6 ohm,4 ohm and 3 ohm are connected in parallel,what will be the total resistance?

140054. Which one of the shell around the nucleus of an atom is mentioned by the letter”M”?

140055. One reason why an alternator produces a higher output than a dynamo is because,the alternator:

140056. The output of an alternator is converted by:

140057. Inertia type starting motor drive is comonly used on:

140058. The cable colour code of head lamp circuit is:

140059. A semi conductor material have,how much electrons in its outermost orbit?

140060. The central section of a transistor is called:

140061. If air fuel mixture is compressed in a cylinder?

140062. An engine has a clearance volume of 100 cm3 and a swept volume of 900 cmThe compression ratio is:

140063. Speed of a four stroke engine is 1000 rpm.The number of power strokes per minute will be:

140064. During which one of the following strokes,the pressure in the engine cylinder become less than the atmospheric pressure?

140065. Diesel cycle engines are also known as:

140066. 1 Kilowatt is equal to:

140067. Engine BHP is measured by:

140068. Turbo charger is used for diesel engines to increase:

140069. During the upward stroke of a two stroke petrol engine,which of the following events takes place?

140070. In the following statements,which is suitable for a petrol engine?

140071. A four cylinder four stroke petrol engine have:

140072. The purpose of piston ring is to control:

140073. The engine valves are closed by:

140074. The function of lubrication system is to:

140075. Which one of the following pump is not used for engine lubrication?

140076. Feed pumps in diesel engines are generally mounted in between:

140077. Hand priming device in a diesel engine is useful,when the engine is at:

140078. In a positive crank case ventilation system,the blow by gas drawn from the crank is fed to the :

140079. The total swept volume in all cylinders of an engine is called:

140080. The material used for camshaft is:

140081. Advancing of valve opening is called:

140082. Octane number of petrol is generally ranges from:

140083. Loud popping in carburetor is due to:

140084. In which of the following engine have more thermal efficiency?

140085. From where,the air and fuel is mixed in a petrol engine?

140086. The process of adjusting the quantity of fuel delivered by the fuel injection pump is:

140087. The type of carburetor used in two wheeler vehicle is:

140088. Air cleaner is used for:

140089. The function of ignition coil is:

140090. Spark plug gap ranges from:

140091. MPFL Engines have MAP sensor.What meant by MAP?

140092. Turbocharger is worked by the:

140093. Which one of the following is a pollutant substance contained in the engine exhaust gas?

140094. EGR System stands for:

140095. ABS System controls:

140096. Muliple valve technology means:

140097. Catalytic converter have a coating of:

140098. Duration of the vehicle permit is:

140099. Which one of the following traffic sign is strictly compulsory for a driver?

140100. A driver must stop the vehicle,when:

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