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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2802

140101. The Preamble of Indian Constitution is based on the Objectives Resolution drafted by -----------and introduced in the first session of Constituent Assembly.

140102. India adopted the concept of constitutional Amendment from --------

140103. Who acted as representative of President in Union territories?

140104. The Eighth schedule of Indian Constitution deals with---------

140105. Who among the following was a member of Indian constituent assembly formed in 1946?

140106. Who was the head of the commission appointed in 1983 to examine centre state relations?

140107. Which day is celebrated as World Blood donation day?

140108. India’s first fast tract court for dealing with atrocities against women and children is at:

140109. Wild life protection act was passed in the year-----------

140110. The English newspaper”Pro-India”was started by--------

140111. Who founded Ramakrishna Advaita Ashram at Kalady?

140112. The newspaper “Kerala Kaumudi”was started by----------to further the ideals of Sree Narayana Guru:

140113. The title”Vayalar Stalin”is associated with:

140114. Who was the author of the drama”Pattabakki”?

140115. Who among the following was nominated in Cochin legislative assembly to advice about the Namboodiri Bill?

140116. Who is known as the father of Malayalam typography and printing?

140117. Who is the author of the work “Pracheeenamalayalam”?

140118. At----------Sree Narayana Guru consecrated a temple and installed a stone containing the words”Truth,Duty,Kindness and Peace”.

140119. Who was the main leader of the Suchindram Sathyagraha?

140120. Which one of the following is an indirect measuring tool?

140121. In a metric micrometer ,a complete revolution of thimble advances:

140122. The angle which is less than 90 degree is called as:

140123. Which one of the following designation does not denote the grade of a file?

140124. The tool used for refitting piston rings on piston is:

140125. In which nut having an internal groove cut,in which a fibre or nylon ring inserted?

140126. The tool used to measure the clearance between two surfaces is called:

140127. Tap wrench is a tool used top make:

140128. A metal can be drawn in to wires without rupture.This property of metal is known as:

140129. The tool used to measure the thicknes,of sheet is called:

140130. Wear on one side of tyre is due to:

140131. King pin is locked in the beam by a:

140132. Tie rod ends have the following threads:

140133. Which one of the following is not considered for calculating the unsprung weight?

140134. In an integral power steering system,fluid flow is controlled by:

140135. Which one of the following is not a part of master cylinder?

140136. In air brakes,what is the position of valves in brake valve,when brake pedal is Released?

140137. The procedure of removing air out of the braking system is known as:

140138. Hydraulic brakes works on the principle of:

140139. The rocking chair action of vehicle during running is known as:

140140. Any trap should have:

140141. Eco system is:

140142. The outer signal is provided at a minimum distance of:

140143. A thin cylinder of diameter 100 m and thickness 5 mm is subjected to a internal fluid subjected to a internal fluid pressure of 10N/mmThe hoop stress is:

140144. In a theodolite traversing the angular error should not exceed using 20” least count theodolite and ‘n’ number of sides:

140145. A horizontal force 40 kgf is applied on a body of weight 120 kg placed in a horizontal plane.If the body is just in the point of motion,the angle of friction be:

140146. An equation for a deficient frame:

140147. The process of applying cement mortar under pressure through a nozzle is called:

140148. An example of endogenous tree is:

140149. The purpose of soundness list is to determine:

140150. The maximum permissible excentricity of load on a rectangular foundation with width B is equal to:

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