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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 282

14101. Who invented ‘Difference Engine’?

14102. Who among the following is treated as founder of ‘Human Relation School’of management?

14103. Which of the following is not a management function as given by H.Fayol?

14104. Which of the following best explains ‘Planning Premises’?

14105. The idea of ‘Functional Foremanship’ of supervision is given by whom?

14106. Which is the oldest form of organization?

14107. The process that reduce the gap between planning and performance is:

14108. ’Order of command that runs from top to bottom’is explained by:

14109. Accountability means what?

14110. Which of the following primarily means to transfer authority from an individual to another?

14111. Who issue Treasury Bills in India?

14112. Which one of the following is not a right under Consumer Protection Act 1986?

14113. Which one of the following is true with regards to cash discount?

14114. Who,among the following ,is associated with the term ‘Marketing Myopia’?

14115. Which of the following pricing strategy,the marketer charge maximum price on introducing a new product?

14116. -----------is the set of all products and items that a seller offers to sell

14117. Which of the following do not fall under ‘4Ps’ suggested by McCarthy?

14118. Which of the following concept says that the consumers will favour those products that are available widely at low cost?

14119. In ‘ABC’ analysis of stock control,which of the following is true with regards to ‘C’ category goods?

14120. Which of the following is the formula to calculate workers wage under Halsey Premium Plan?

14121. It said that Batch Costing is an extension of --------Costing.

14122. The smallest sub-unit of an organization where cost collection is attempted is:

14123. Election commission came into existence in:

14124. Who was the first president of the Nair service society?

14125. Who started the Bachpan Bachao Andolan?

14126. The International Boxing Association banned which Indian Boxer for one year for not accepting her bronze medal at Asian Game 2014:

14127. The Asian Games 2018 will be held at:

14128. Founder of Travancore muslim Mahagensabha:

14129. Guruvayur satyagraha was in:

14130. Siva Temple at Aruvipuram established in:

14131. Sahodara Sangam was founded at:

14132. The first characteristic Malayalam novel is ‘Indulekha’published in:

14133. Swadeshibhimani Ramakrishna Pillai was deported from Travancore is:

14134. Channar agitation took place during the time:

14135. ’Paschimodayam’was published by:

14136. The first girls school was started at:

14137. ’Tatva prakasika ashram’is an educational centre started by:

14138. Author of Kerala Sahitya Charithram:

14139. Deshabhimani was the newspaper of:

14140. 93rd constitutional Amendment related with:

14141. The ex-officio chairman of Rajyasabha:

14142. Depreciation is included as a cost in which of the following techniques:

14143. IRR would favour project proposals which have:

14144. Multiple IRRs are obtained when:

14145. The largest provider of short term credit for a business is:

14146. Venture capital finance:

14147. The term SPV is associated with:

14148. When a firm advises its customers to mail their payments to special post office collection centres the system is known as:

14149. Net working capital is financed out of:

14150. Main objective of financial management is:

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