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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2841

142051. The concept Management by Objective was propounded by:

142052. The Indian Press Index is published by:

142053. Bibliographic classification is devised by:

142054. Morocco leather is developed from:

142055. H.W.Wilson Book publishing Co. is the publisher of:

142056. The first Public library in India is:

142057. The Press and Registration of Books Act was passed in the year:

142058. Father of scientific management was:

142059. Press Institute of India publishes:

142060. Hawthorne study was conducted by:

142061. Slack(spare time)is a concept used in:

142062. Time study is developed by:

142063. GRANTHALAYA is a software package developed by:

142064. The first librarian of the National Library of India,Calcutta was:

142065. Peter Pyhrr developed”

142066. List of Subject Headings for small Libraries was developed by:

142067. Henry Fayol is the father of:

142068. Dr.S.R.Ranganathan was honoured with Padmasree by Government of India in the year:

142069. From which language the term ‘classification’is derived?

142070. The first book published by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan is:

142071. The first University in Asia,which started a certificate course in Library Science is:

142072. In which Law of Library Science User study is discussed as a necessity in libraries?

142073. In the formation of subjects.Cutting of the universe of entities to parts of coordinate status is known as:

142074. The standard size of a microfiche is:

142075. Power Shift is a famous book written by:

142076. The first optical video disc is developed by:

142077. The maximum capacity of a DVD is:

142078. The classification scheme developed by Cutter is:

142079. Information containing high proportion of images,graphics and animated information is called:

142080. The term ‘Cyberspace’was coined by

142081. Vidyanidhi is a database of:

142082. The central processor used in second generation computer was:

142083. The largest library network in the world is:

142084. Kinetica is an online information service offered by:

142085. The software for information storage and retrieval developed by CALBINET is:

142086. IFLA developed:

142087. Information Technology Enabled Service(ITES) is the new name of:

142088. PC-DOS is developed by:

142089. Science Direct is a database maintained by the publisher:

142090. Which one of the following is a markup language?

142091. The blue-ray disc is developed by:

142092. Indian Patent Law came to force in the year:

142093. LEXIS is a subject database for:

142094. An example for the subject formed through the process of Fusion is:

142095. Subject bundle is the former name of:

142096. Broad System of Ordering is an international switching language project developed by:

142097. In which indexing system table of role operators is used?

142098. The ISBN numbering agency in India is:

142099. Canon of Synonym and Canon of Homonym are the canons for:

142100. ISSN International Centre in India is:

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