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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2859

142951. Bangladesh honoured the former Prime Minister of India,Indira Gandhi,Posthumously with

142952. Social change in India aiming at national unity and social progress is threatened by

142953. Which of the following is not true with respect to culture?

142954. How many World Heritage Sites recognized by the UNESCO are there in Kerala?

142955. ’Culture-Lag’is associated with which of the following?

142956. Secularism as one of the Constitutional values means

142957. Grapevine communication

142958. Which of the following is not an example of non-verbal communication?

142959. The National Stock Exchange of India is located at

142960. Under core banking ,CDC stands for

142961. NABARD(National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development)came into existence in

142962. DEMAT trading relates to which of the following?

142963. India’s first exclusive educational satellite

142964. ICT(Information and Communication Technology)includes

142965. Where was the first computer installed in India?

142966. A network that links across metropolitan,regional and national boundaries is called

142967. The Father of Modern Computer is

142968. UNIX,DOS and Windows are examples of

142969. Which is not a search engine?

142970. The presentation package and slides are usually presented by

142971. What is the storage capacity of a single layered Blue Ray Disc?

142972. What combination of short cut keys will you use to change a text in upper case to lower case in MS Word?

142973. Which Nobel Laureate is also known as the Father of Artificial Intelligence?

142974. The educational satellite EDUSAT was launched by ISRO ,in

142975. Verbal guidance would be least effective in the learning of

142976. Which of the following is not a phase in skill learning?

142977. Which of the following is not a feature of learning?

142978. Which of the following theories emphasizes the role of learner’s feelings in learning?

142979. Best teaching should always aim for

142980. Planning the lesson helps the teacher

142981. What strategy would you adopt in a school with inadequate facilities for managing the educational process?

142982. For selecting a Monitor in your class,which criterion will you follow

142983. Suppose you make a mistake while teaching and your students point it out.How will you deal with the situation?

142984. Suppose an intelligent student of your class requests for a particular book from you.Which one of the following decisions will you take in this case?

142985. Which of the following is a good home assignment?

142986. The main function of Educational Supervision is

142987. Educational Psychology belongs to which branch of Psychology?

142988. Behaviour is a collective name for all

142989. Leave the child to Nature,is the idea suggested by

142990. The theory of self actualization was developed by

142991. Which of the following theory is basic to Programmed Instruction?

142992. Animism is one of the characteristics of the child in the

142993. The ability to play cooperatively with other children occurs in the

142994. The active process of interference of previous learning by subsequent learning is known as

142995. The period of adolescence is often reffered to as

142996. An organism is said to be motivated when we observe

142997. Which of the following is not a group guidance technique?

142998. Personality ,according to Allport,is the organization of

142999. Which is not a constraint in social change?

143000. Reservation of seats for SC and ST for their education is based on

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