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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2858

142901. Banking and financial services,all over the world,are regulated usually by Monetary Authority of the lanWho controls this function in India?

142902. The abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life is called:

142903. The space in your computer that loads and works with data

142904. An email account includes a storage area,often is called a/an

142905. The task bar is located

142906. Computer uses the….number system to store data and perform calculations.

142907. The act of unauthorized copying or downloading of a program from a network and making multiple copies of it is

142908. A compiler is used to translate a program written in

142909. Satellite communication works through

142910. Errors in a computer program are reffered to as

142911. The competency of an effective communicator can be judged on the basis of

142912. Project IT@School by Government of kerala,was established in the year

142913. ’Key to students learning’according to Piaget is

142914. Problem-solving strategies that guide the search for solutions are called

142915. What was Froebel’s most important contribution to education?

142916. Why the knowledge of child psychology is a must for a teacher?

142917. Perception may be best described as

142918. Who has described human behaviour and development as a process of responding to rewards and punishments in the environment?

142919. If you have all the potentialities to become an efficient teacher but the school’s adverse conditions do not help you,how could you adjust with this reality?

142920. An effective teacher is one who can

142921. Critical Pedagogy is associated with

142922. The teacher who has developed an interest in teaching

142923. Which of the following is the international unit of length?

142924. which among the following elements has the smallest atom?

142925. O. test is for measuring which of the following?

142926. The thinnest material in the world

142927. Taj Mahal is threatened due to the presence of------------------in the atmosphere?

142928. A book is lying on the table.What is the angle between the actions of the book on the table and the reaction of the table on the book?

142929. The smallest bone in human body is

142930. The volume of a cylinder of radius ‘r’cm ,and height’h’cm us (pie)r(square)hcm(cube).What is the volume of the cylinder of diameter 4 cm and height 10 cm?

142931. The houses of a street are numbered with even numbers from 56 to How many houses will be there in the street?

142932. What is the mode of the observations 25,24,40,37,40,40,24?

142933. Which Article of the Constitution of India says,’No child below the age of 14 years shalls be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment?

142934. According to the Constitution of India,no person shall be eligible for election as Vice-President(of India)unless he has completed the age of-------------years

142935. The river in the backdrop of the novel God of Small Things

142936. The novel written by the Indian English writer ,R.K.Naryan

142937. The musical instrument in which Lalgudi Jayaraman was famous for

142938. Madhubani painting,whose main practitioners are women,relates to which State?

142939. According to Upanishads,the end product of education is

142940. Jyotirmoy Dey,who was shot dead in broad day light in Mumbai in June 2011,was a senior correspondent of the daily

142941. The missile Prahaar successfully test-fired by India on 21st July 2011 is a/an

142942. What is the time limit prescribed for providing information,if the information sought is a matter of life and liberty of a person,according to the Right to Information Act 2005?

142943. The number of seats won by UDF in the 2011 Assembly Election of Kerala

142944. In which event did Mayookha Johny from Kerala win the Gold in the 19th Asian Athletic Championships held in Japan in July 2011?

142945. What is the literacy rate of Kerala according to Census 2011?

142946. Who was selected for J.Daniel Award in 2011?

142947. 2G scam,3G scam and KG scam.Of these,KG scam relates to which ministry in the Union Goveronment?

142948. Union Minister for Human Resources Development

142949. Lucian Freud,the grandson of the great psychoanalyst ,who died on 20th July 2011 was a/an

142950. Which district in Kerala has the largest number of Local Self Government Institutions?

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