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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2870

143501. Distance from waist to hip is called:

143502. Fly catch fixed on-----------side of trousers.

143503. ------------equipment is used for draw the curve shapes on garment.

143504. --------is used for shape in dresses.

143505. Which cloth is used for ‘Jeans’?

143506. Models of a dress is known as:

143507. ------------stitch is used for eyelet hole.

143508. Which is natural colour?

143509. Two lines that falls at a predetermined point on the pattern:

143510. The traced copy of block pattern for manipulation to create new design is known as:

143511. Body of new born child is called:

143512. Another name of needle plate in sewing machine:

143513. Star stitch is a-----------stitch.

143514. The things which used in between garment and lining:

143515. Which of the following is not a animal fibre?

143516. The science of study in the parts of Human body:

143517. Which type of machine used for edge finishing of knitted garments

143518. -------------is a vegetable fibre.

143519. Part of a sewing machine which helps to move the cloth forward while sewing:

143520. ---------------is a method for decorative edge finishing:

143521. A machine attachment used for making frill:

143522. --------figure is bend on the front side and back slightly round shape.

143523. What is done after making of paper pattern?

143524. ----------------wear the second finger of left hand while hand stitching

143525. Circumference of the armhole is called:

143526. ----------sleeve is a variation of set in sleeves.

143527. ---------is the method of enlarging and reducing a pattern.

143528. ------------is an upper garment of long length below the knee and of loose fit.

143529. -----------is the surface of a fabric maye soft,rough,fine and smooth.

143530. Tax is added to:

143531. ------------is a combination of body and sleeve.

143532. A very narrow strip woven on both sides of cloth to prevent fraying and to strengthen the edges:

143533. -------------Stitch is used for shadow work.

143534. An equipment used to press the circular parts of garments:

143535. --------is used for make the pattern of garments.

143536. ----------is used in outside bust pockets of coats and waist coats.

143537. Another name of tracing wheel:

143538. Tiers are used in:

143539. Radiating darts are applied in ---------of garments

143540. Dolman is a variation of---------sleeve.

143541. Halters are used in:

143542. An example of a fastener:

143543. ---------------fabric is an example of knitting.

143544. -----------stitch is used as a outline stitch.

143545. For Drawing lines at right angles----------is use

143546. -----------is not a stitch in crotchet work.

143547. Holds the cloth firmly in place while stitching in a sewing machine:

143548. Fabric which is thermoplastic

143549. -------fabric can be easily bleached?

143550. Height of normal figure is 162 cm.Bust is:

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