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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2871

143551. The depth of seye is normally taken as:

143552. An example of knotting:

143553. ----------is a type of decorative gathering.

143554. An alternative term for starching of cotton cloth is:

143555. -----------is not a marking tool.

143556. Tailors square’s arms are:

143557. National school computerization programme is known as:

143558. Who was awarded the Dadasaheb Falke Award for 2013?

143559. Which among the following is a non metal?

143560. The venue of 2016 Olympics is:

143561. What is the ordinal status of Pranab Mukherjee among the Presidents of India?

143562. World Human Rights Day:

143563. The Indian National Congress passed the famous Poorna Swaraj resolution at:

143564. The science of space travel is called:

143565. Which among the following trophies is associated with Hockey?

143566. ’Kanneerum Kinavum’is the autobiography of which of the following renaissance leaders of Kerala:

143567. The famous ‘Swadeshabhimani’ paper was started publication in Travancore in 1905 by:

143568. The minister who presented and passed the Kerala land reform act of 1969:

143569. The founder of’Prathyaksha Raksha Daivasabha’was:

143570. Which among the following is not an internet search engine?

143571. Chairman of the 14th Finance Commission of India:

143572. Which among the following was the cyclone that caused disasters in 2013?

143573. The “Tales of Athiranipadam’is the English translation of which of the following Malayalam works:

143574. Which among the following is the work by Sree Narayana Guru?

143575. The renaissance leader who led the Misrabhojanam at Cherai in Cochin:

143576. ’Brewers Dried Yeast’ is a by product of -----------industry.

143577. Surfactants may act as-----------in foo

143578. Main Reason behind packaging bread in plastic:

143579. Vitamin K2 also known as:

143580. The enzymatic browning is due to the oxidation of phenols to:

143581. Phenylthicarbamide is related to:

143582. Chicory is made out of:

143583. Expand HFCS:

143584. Food product prototype is the important step in:

143585. Sensory evaluation is related to:

143586. The process which gelatinized starch get converted liquid to gel is called as:

143587. Which one is an emulsion?

143588. ’Joule heating’is also known as:

143589. Citrus sinensis is the scientific name of:

143590. High dose of ethylene leads to:

143591. ------------is a metabolic process in which carbohydrate and related compounds are oxidized with release of energy

143592. The prinicipal acid present in apple:

143593. The anti-staling agent used in bread making:

143594. The enzyme present in pineapple

143595. Macaroni is made out of:

143596. TVP is made from:

143597. What is the packaging technique used for fresh or minimally processed foods?

143598. The pungent principle in chillies is due to an alkaloid called:

143599. -------------are those in which the content has been modified from the standard egg.

143600. Ageing temperature of meat:

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