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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2872

143601. Pearl Essence is a by-product of:

143602. What is acidulants?

143603. ’Barrier technology’is also known as:

143604. Example of marinade:

143605. Consumption of inadequately preserved and improperly refrigerated fish causes:

143606. ’Winterisation’ is related to:

143607. WMP satnd for:

143608. The process of separation of proteins,gums,phospholipids etfrom the oil refining process is called as:

143609. Viruses that can infect bacteria are called:

143610. Gas produced during fermentation:

143611. Favism is caused by:

143612. HPLC stand for:

143613. The device helps to detect the odour and flavor of food sample:

143614. What is the use of enrober in food industry?

143615. MPN stand for:

143616. Phosphatase test is used in the analysis of:

143617. Chinese Restaurent Syndrome is associated with:

143618. What is the reason for blanching vegetables prior to freezing?

143619. Homo fermenter bacteria converts carbohydrate to:

143620. In which year the FSSAI act came into effect?

143621. The enzyme used in the coagulation of milk:

143622. Central AGMARK Laboratory situated in:

143623. Green Vegetables subjected to heat processing and storage turn from bright green to dull olive brown colour due to the conversion of chlorophyll to:

143624. Mesophilic bacteria lives at a temperature of:

143625. MFPO stand for:

143626. The study of fungi is called as:

143627. The preservation technique using radiation is also known as:

143628. Basidiomycetes fungi are commonly known as:

143629. The inability to digest the sugar found in milk leads to:

143630. Eukaryotic bacteria do not contains:

143631. The main photosynthetic pigment of spirulina:

143632. MSG is used as:

143633. Lathrism is caused by:

143634. -------------is a micronutrient

143635. The deficiency disorder caused by protein:

143636. Vacreation refers to:

143637. Freon 12 is used as:

143638. The complete active enzyme,consisting of both the protein and the cofactor,is called:

143639. Aflatoxins are produced by:

143640. Time-temperature combination for Thermization:

143641. What is SWMA?

143642. Organisms grow at refrigeration temperature is called as:

143643. Salinometer is used to measure:

143644. Citrus fruits are rich in------------vitamin.

143645. Sauerkraut is made out of:

143646. Which one of the following Indian rivers forms an estuary?

143647. The Bodo language is spoken in which of the following States of India?

143648. Which type of soil is used for plantations of Tea,Coffee,Spices and fruits?

143649. The State with highest population growth rate as per 2011 census?

143650. ’Garibi hatao’is the slogan of:

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