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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2873

143651. ’Annapurna’scheme started by the Govt,in 1999-2000 is to provide:

143652. Rani Gaidilliu is associated with:

143653. In which session of Indian National Congress Tri-colour flag was accepted as the official flag of congress:

143654. All Indian Kissan Sabha(AIKS)was formed in the year:

143655. Which Act passed by the British Govt,introduced provincial autonomy?

143656. When Quit India Movement was launched who was the president of Indian National Congress?

143657. The committee enquired and submitted its report of IPL spot fixing scandal:

143658. Which film won the Oscar Award for the best film for 2014?

143659. Which film star was selected by the Election Commission as its National Icon for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014?

143660. Who built St.Anelo Fort at Kannur?

143661. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was awarded Nobel Prize for his work:

143662. The last temple consecrated by Sree Narayana Guru is:

143663. ’Moksha Pradeepam’ is the work of:

143664. Whose Autobiography is’Ente Jeevitha Smaranakal?

143665. Who organized Villuvandi Strike-in 1893?

143666. I wish I -------king

143667. He --------to listen to my arguments and walked away

143668. The flow of blood was so-----that the patient died

143669. Adverity

143670. People say’Chin up’ when they want to-----------someone

143671. If someone answers a question by saying ‘beats me’ he means that

143672. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth means that you------------something that’s given to you

143673. He is an ---------He doesn’t believe in God

143674. The Hindu-------is different from the English---------

143675. India became --------on 15th August 1947

143676. VI.From the following findout the odd man

143677. VII.The jumbled up letter has a worEach letter is identified by a number.Select the choice which gives the correct order of these numbers to form a meaningful word by the letters.H-1 E-2 C-3 R-4 E-5 A-6 T-7

143678. ------the doctor’s advice Mahesh started taking some daily exercise

143679. Which Indian State has adopted English as its official language?

143680. Which plant is known queen of western ghats?

143681. Which organ of the body is called ‘Sweet bread’?

143682. India’s first Rubber factory was established in

143683. India’s largest public sector undertaking is

143684. India’s first Atomic Explosion was at:

143685. First Malayalee who got Phalke award:

143686. Head quarters of Chief Post Master General of Kerala is at

143687. Head quarters of Kerala Press Academy is at:

143688. The Vitamin which helps the blood to clot is:

143689. First Chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam is

143690. First digitgal Cinema in Malayalam is:

143691. Year in which first Malayalam Programmes started in Dooradarshan

143692. Which day is celebrated as Earth day?

143693. Main working area of Green Peace Society is:

143694. Virology Institute of kerala is in

143695. Kalamandalam Haidharali is famous in

143696. The Evolution of Malayalam Morphology is written by

143697. Gandhijiyum Godseyum’written by

143698. Who translated ‘Thirukural’from Tamil to Malayalam?

143699. Write the missing number:23,28,35,44,----68

143700. 343,512,729,----

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