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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2878

143901. Who was the first Indian to be elected to British Parliament?

143902. Who was popularity known as Desabandu?

143903. Using Fourier series,representing x in the interval [-pie,pie],the sum of the series :1-1/3+1/5-1/7+……is

143904. Find out the most suitable answer.A deaf is always dumb because:

143905. Find out the most suitable answer :Farmers use manure in their fields because:

143906. Complete the following series:QN,RP,TS,WW,--------FH

143907. കാറ്റിന്റെ പ്രവേഗം , മർദ്ദം എന്നിവ അളക്കാനുള്ള ഉപകരണം ? [Kaattinte pravegam , marddham enniva alakkaanulla upakaranam ?]

143908. ആലപ്പുഴ തുറമുഖത്തിന്‍റെ ശില്‍പ്പി? [Aalappuzha thuramukhatthin‍re shil‍ppi?]

143909. ഏറ്റവും പ്രക്ഷുബ്ദമായ അന്തരീക്ഷ പ്രതിഭാസം ? [Ettavum prakshubdamaaya anthareeksha prathibhaasam ?]

143910. .Paper chromatography is an example for

143911. When simplified the expression:10/2+10/3+10/4+-+10/n(n+1),for any natural number is:

143912. If during a permeability test on a soil sample with a falling head permeameter equal time intervals are noted for drop of head from h1 to h2 and again from h2 to h3 then which one of the following relation would hold good?

143913. A saturated clay layer with single drainage face takes 4 years to attain 50% degree of consolidation.If the clay layer had double drainage,then the time taken to attain 50% degree of consolidation is:

143914. John makes a profit of 12% by selling the article for Rs.Calculate the cost price.

143915. Find the value of ‘p’ for which 3,5,p+5,25 are in proportion:

143916. ’A’can complete a piece of work in 10 days.’B’can complete the same piece of work in 15 days.If they work together in how many days will the work be completed?

143917. Sachin runs at 5/4 the of his usual speed and reaches the playground 5 minutes earlier.What is the usual time?

143918. The capacity of a cubical mug is 1 litre.The length of its edge is:

143919. Find the compound interest on Rs.8,000 for 1 ½ years at 10% per annum if interest is being calculated half yearly:

143920. My mother is twice as old as my brother.I am 5 years younger to my brother,but 3 years older to my sister.If my sister is 12 years of age how old is my mother?

143921. The price of an article has been increased by 25%.By how much percent must this new price be decreased to retain its former price?

143922. The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 12 and 216 respectively.If one of number is 108,find the other number

143923. Which one of the following is a prime number?

143924. Find the odd man out:5,9,17,35,65,129

143925. Pointing towards a lady,Leela said’She is the daughter of the woman who is the mother of the husband of my mother’.How is the lady related to Leela?

143926. Give the antonym of the word ‘adversity’:

143927. If PROSE is coded as PPOQE,how is LIGHT coded?

143928. A boy goes south,turns right,then right again and then goes left.In which direction he is now

143929. If it was Saturday on 17th December 1982,what will be the day on 22nd December 1984?

143930. A lady drives a car for 15 km to the west from the radio station.Then she turns left and goes 10 km.After this she turns right and goes for 18 km.Now in which direction is she going:

143931. Find the next number in the series:4,7,10,11,22,17,46,25,---

143932. Identify the missing term:TYU,NSO,HMI,-----

143933. The minimum number of geostationary satellites needed for global communication coverage is:

143934. The working principle of Optical Fibre Cable(OFC)is:

143935. The concept of radio transmission was first demonstrated by the famous Indian scientist:

143936. Which of the following unit is a fundamental unit?

143937. One’Pico meter’equal to:

143938. The image of an object formed on the retina of human eye is:

143939. On which of the following scales of temperature,the temperature is never negative?

143940. A person is comfortable while sitting near a fan in summer because:

143941. A fuse wire is characterized by:

143942. A man pushes a metal block and fails to displace it.He does:

143943. Who is the Brand Ambassador of the programme ‘Make in Kerala’?

143944. Which Article recently dismissed from the I.T.Act?

143945. Which country is the 123rd member country in the International Criminal Court?

143946. The newly formulated International Front to fight against global warming:

143947. The Indian Scientist who won the Japan’s highest honour ‘Order of the Rising Son Gold and Silver Star’:

143948. Who wrote the theme song of ‘Run Kerala Run’in connection with National Games?

143949. The name of Single Window Portal started by India for Educational loan and Scholarships:

143950. The third greatest attraction in the world as per the survey conducted by famous Travel website’Trip Advisor’:

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