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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2877

143851. Father of Pasteurization:

143852. Hormone responsible for maintenance of pregnancy in cattle

143853. For the preparation of---------the grass is collected in the blooming stage:

143854. Urea enrichment method is used to enhance the nutritive value of:

143855. Lassi is a----------product.

143856. Butteroil is the western counterpart of:

143857. Churning process is involved in the preparation of:

143858. An equipment used to separate cream:

143859. As per PFA,cream should contain a minimum of -------%fat:

143860. The adjustment of fat and SNF in milk is called:

143861. The heating medium in a HTST pasteurizer is:

143862. A viral disease in cattle:

143863. -----------is a breed of cattle with white and black patches:

143864. Tharparker is a -------bree

143865. The apex organization in a three tyre co-operative sector is:

143866. The federation of MILMA(MILMA Bhavan)is at:

143867. Pre-statification technique is used in the preparation of:

143868. Piling and repiling are the process involved in the preparation of:

143869. The stomach in cattle is:

143870. The fat globule size is important in the following operations:

143871. Size of fat globules in homogenized milk is:

143872. India ranks-------in world milk production.

143873. The major protein in milk:

143874. -------is produced by the controlled fermentation of green succulent material under anaerobic conditions.

143875. Breed of buffalo with sickle shaped horns:

143876. The fat percentage in toned milk is minimum:

143877. The process of heating milk to 135-1500C for no hold is known as:

143878. According to PFA rules,butter should contain a minimum of --------%fat.

143879. Name a dairy by-product:

143880. Average body temperature of cattle is 0

143881. Is a breed of buffalo with tightly curled horns.

143882. Semen collection in bulls can be started at the age of months.

143883. Who was the viceroy when Indian National congress formed in December 1885?

143884. What is the real name of Chattampi Swamigal?

143885. Who was popularly known as Mayyzhi Gandhi?

143886. The first Legislative Assembly in Travancore came into existence in the year:

143887. The book “Keralam Malayalai Kalude Mathrubhoomi”was written by:

143888. The Travancore ruler who abolished Devadasi System?

143889. Who was the President of KPCC when India got Independence?

143890. Who was popularly known as “Subhash Chandra Bose of Kerala”?

143891. Founder of Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham:

143892. Who introduced Railway in India?

143893. Who founded the newspaper “National Herald”?

143894. Who is known as the heroine of Quit India Movement?

143895. The first visit of Gandhiji in Kerala was in the year:

143896. The first General Secretary of SNDP Yogam:

143897. Who described British Empire as White Devil?

143898. The ruler who abolished “Pulappedi”in Venad:

143899. Who led the “Pattini Jatha”in 1936 from Kanoore to Madras?

143900. Founder of the newspaper Kerala Kaumudi:

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