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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2876

143801. Provision for bad debts is calculated on

143802. Accounts Receivable includes

143803. Unearned income accout is a

143804. Assets are held for the purpose of

143805. When the closing stock A/c appears in the Trial Balance,what is the accounting treatment?

143806. When Outstanding Rent A/c appears in the Trial Balance,What is the accounting treatment?

143807. Gross Profit+Opening stock+Purchase+Direct Expense-sales=

143808. Legal fees for acquiring property is

143809. Income tax paid by the sole trader,then

143810. ’Marshalling’used in connection with the preparation of

143811. When import Duty is given in Trial Balance?

143812. Final accounts are

143813. Trial Balance is a statement of

143814. The process of adding vitamins to milk is known as:

143815. -----------is an example of khoa based product.

143816. Father of white revolution:

143817. Mating of closely related animals within a same breed:

143818. Male sex hormone in cattle is:

143819. ----------is a method of identification in cattle.

143820. First milk obtained from mother cow soon after calving is :

143821. Separation of new born calf from the mother cow is called:

143822. Gestation period in buffalo is--------days.

143823. Important signs of heat in a cow:

143824. Average duration of cestrus cycle in cattle is--------days.

143825. Best insemination time in a cow if it shows heat symptoms early morning:

143826. Advantages of artificial insemination:

143827. Frozen semen is stored in liquid nitrogen at---------0

143828. Dry period in cattle is about ---------days.

143829. Requirement of milk for one month old calf -------of body weight.

143830. Umblical cord of calf should be disinfected to:

143831. Additive substance in silage making:

143832. Average daily requirement of water for adult cow is ------litres.

143833. Hormone responsible for milk let down:

143834. Milk cans commonly used in Kerala is made up of:

143835. Yellow colour in cow milk is due to:

143836. Boiling point of milk is-------0C

143837. Adulteration of milk with water can be tested by:

143838. Greenish colour of whey is due to:

143839. A hard variety of cheese:

143840. By-product obtained during butter making:

143841. Heart of the HTST system:

143842. An acid coagulated milk product:

143843. A fermented milk product:

143844. Indian buffaloes belong to the group:

143845. Indian milk day:

143846. Type of coagulation in cheese:

143847. Operation flood was started in the year:

143848. Functions of KLD board for dairy development include:

143849. Indian breed of cattle popularly known as”White sindhi”:

143850. The crossbreed commonly found in Kerala:

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