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144551. Contour intervals:

144552. For directly applying Simpson’s rule that number of ordinates must be:

144553. It is more difficult to obtain good results while measuring horizontal distance by stepping

144554. A clinometers is used for:

144555. Plani meter is used for measuring

144556. In metric leveling staff,number of subdivisions per metre length are:

144557. The bearing of lines OA and OB are 26010’and 332018’the value of inculd angle BOA is:

144558. Bearing of AB is 75010’ and bearing of BC is 100020’ the angle ABC is:

144559. A bearing of a line is also known as:

144560. The operation of making the algebraic sum of latitudes and departures of a closed traverse equal to zero is known as:

144561. The ends of a given lines are not intervisible from any intermediate points,in such a case the method adopted to establish intermediate point is:

144562. Rotating the telescope of a theodolite in horizontal plane about its vertical axis is called:

144563. The imaginary line joining the centre of the eye piece and optical centre of the objective in a theodolite is known as:

144564. Weight of one bag cement is:

144565. In------------type of bond stretchers and headers are arranged in alternate course

144566. The piece of a brick cut along the centre of width in such a way that its length is equal to that of full brick is called:

144567. A covering of concrete placed on the exposed top of an external wall,is known as:

144568. The construction in the storage headwork to discharge surplus water to down stream side safety is called:

144569. The sum of interior angles of closed traverse is:

144570. Tick the correct answer for the following :

144571. In any polygon the sum of the deflection angle will be equal to:

144572. If angular measurements of a traverse are more precise than its linear measurements,balancing of the traverse is done by:

144573. The latitude of any traverse line is obtained by multiplying its length by:

144574. An engineers chain is -----long

144575. Least count of theodolite is ----------seconds

144576. --------type of errors erises due to imperfect focusing

144577. The angle subtended by the long chord of a simple curve at its centre is equal to:

144578. PiexRxPhie/1800 is:

144579. Over turning of vehicles on a curve can be avoided by using:

144580. ----------is the time in days between the first watering for the preparation of land for sawing and its last watering before harvest

144581. Sea-saw is an example of:

144582. Lateral strain/Lencer strain=

144583. The sidereal day is divided into:

144584. ABCD is a square plot of lanIf the bearing of AB is 52045’,the bearing of CD is:

144585. CPU stands for:

144586. Maximise,minimize and close buttons are present in the:

144587. Cut,copy and paste are the part of which of the menu?

144588. The working principle of optical square is:

144589. The back sight reading on a bench mark of ‘RL’00 m is 685 and fore sight reading on ‘B’is 305 m the RL of B is:

144590. For preparation of a contour map for a route survey:

144591. In quadrantal bearing system,back bearing of a line may be obtained from its forward bearing by:

144592. The hard signal ‘Both hands above head and then brought down’ is:

144593. During the reconnaissance the surveyor should prepare:

144594. Bevelled edged of the alidade is:

144595. The Ceylon ghatt tracer is used for:

144596. The process of leveling in which the elevations of points are computed from the vertical angles and horizontal distances measured in the field:

144597. The art of determining and representing the relative heights or elevations of different points on the surface of the earth:

144598. Which scale is used to read three dimensions?

144599. The main principle of surveying is two work form:

144600. The longest chain line in chain surveying is called:

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