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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2890

144501. An adaptation that indicates major complication after gastroscopy would be

144502. Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug can damage the 8th cranial nerve?

144503. The positive diagnosis for HIV infection is made based on

144504. A client with mitral stenosis would demonstrate symptoms associated with congestion in the

144505. An early manifestation of laryngeal cancer is

144506. An assessment specific to safe administration of IV mannitol is

144507. An early sign of Hodgkin’disease is

144508. Which of the following stage the carcinogen is irreversible?

144509. The complication associated with tracheostomy tube is

144510. Which finding should be most indicative sign of increasing intracranial pressure?

144511. A client is given oxytocin for induction of labour.The side effect of oxytocin is

144512. Physiological changes in pregnancy include which of the following:

144513. Common cause of ante partum hemorrhage

144514. Which of the following intervention is contraindicated in a patient with deep vein thrombosis of the right leg?

144515. Peptic ulcer of the esophagus is also called as

144516. Down’s syndrome is due to

144517. A person having Klinfelter’s syndrome is characterized by

144518. Glasgow Coma Scale(GCS)is a measure of

144519. Korsakoff’s psychosis is due to intake of

144520. Which of the following drug is contraindicated in a patient with glaucoma who is scheduled for surgery?

144521. The Indian Lunacy Act was passed in

144522. Most commonly used laboratory technique used to identify tubercle bacilli in sputum

144523. Filling up of memory spaces with a detailed false description of an event is termed as

144524. ----------is used for enlargement and reduction of plans

144525. In surveyor’s compass zero degree is marked at --------end

144526. In an optical square the two mirrors are placed at an angle of:

144527. The inclination of the magnetic needle with horizontal is known as:

144528. Direct ranging is possible only when the end points are:

144529. The movable parts that are cleaned and lubricated comes under the category of:

144530. The lines passing through points at same declination a given time are:

144531. The horizontal angle which the magnetic meridian makes with the true or geographical meridian is known as:

144532. GTS stands for:

144533. In a series of contour lines,if the higher values are inside the bend or loop it represents a:

144534. A long offset is to be measured more than:

144535. Obstacle for both vision and chaining is occurred when it crosses a:

144536. A Series of connected survey lines of known length and directions are called:

144537. When two lines meet at a point,the sum of both interior and exterior angles is equal to:

144538. Brass handle is connected to the link by:

144539. The variation of magnetic declination occurred due to magnetic storms and earthquakes is:

144540. Plane table is centered over a station with the help of:

144541. Which method is used for locating inaccessible objects?

144542. Bessel’s solution of three point problem is also known as:

144543. Which circle passes through the three ground points,in three point problem?

144544. ------------is a point denoting shifting of the level

144545. The least count of a metric leveling staff:

144546. In a simple leveling the back sight taken at ‘A’ of RL 00 is 350 and the foresight taken at ‘C’is 420 then RL of ‘C’is:

144547. In working profile of a longitudinal section,the depth of cuttings are written in:

144548. While plotting the cross-sections:

144549. Find the curvature correction for a distance of 800m

144550. Boning rods and sight rails are used for:

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