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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2949

147451. India’s first carbon-free state:

147452. The main language of Himachal Pradesh:

147453. The highest post office in the world:

147454. The highest state capital in India:

147455. Who is called as the father of Planning in India?

147456. Who wrote the book ‘Planned Economy for India’?

147457. Which one of the following is not mentioned in theConstitution?

147458. In which list of the Constitution ‘Economic and SocialPlanning’ is included?

147459. The Planning Commission in India was formed after :

147460. India copied the idea of Five Year Plansfrom:

147461. Which part of the Constitution influenced the formation of Planning Commission?

147462. The ex-officio chairman of the Planning Commission was:

147463. National Development Council was formed in:

147464. The chairman of the National Development Council is:

147465. The first Five year Plan was started in:

147466. In which area priority was given in the first Five year Plan?

147467. The period of the first Five Year Plan:

147468. The period of second Fiveyear Plan:

147469. In which area priority was given in the second Five year Plan?

147470. Which five year plan was called Mahalanobis model?

147471. Annual Plans are implemented during the period:

147472. Which five year plan was suffered by the Chinese attack of1962?

147473. Which five year plan was terminated prematurely by the Janata Governmentof Morarji Desai in 1978?

147474. During which Five Year Plan stresswas by laid on employment,poverty alleviation, and justice.

147475. The first chairman of Planning Commission was:

147476. The first deputy chairman of Planning Commission was:

147477. Which one of the ancient dynasties was famous for villageadministration?

147478. Who called villages as ‘Little republics’?

147479. Who was the exponent of Sreeniketan Project?

147480. Sreeniketan Project was launched in:

147481. Marthandom Project was launched in the state of:

147482. Who was the exponent of Marthandom Project ?

147483. Marthandom Project was started in:

147484. Gurgaon Project was launched in:

147485. Who was the architect of Gurgaon Project?

147486. Farkha Development Scheme was introduced in:

147487. Farkha Development Scheme was introduced in the year:

147488. Ittawa Project was implemented in:

147489. The exponent of Ittawa Project:

147490. Ittawa Project was launched in the year:

147491. Who launched Sevagram Project?

147492. Sevagram is now in the state of:

147493. The father of Nilokheri Experiment:

147494. The first book on Indian Planning entitled ‘Planned Economy’for India was the attempt of

147495. People’s Plan was envisaged by

147496. The first Minister for Community Development in the Central Cabinet

147497. In 1938, the National Planning Committee of Indian NationalCongress was set up under the chairmanship of

147498. The father of the idea of ‘Gram Swaraj’:

147499. Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS)was started in:

147500. Ganga Kalyan Yojana was launched in:

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