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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3058

152901. If he ......... told us the truth in the beginning, things wouldn't have gone wrong.?

152902. An example of Ist order lever is?

152903. The sugar present in milk is called?

152904. ‘Mercy Killing’ was first introduces legally in?

152905. What happens when burning candle is covered by a glass?

152906. Aizawal is the capital of?

152907. Who was the famous Hindu king of Deccan whose fleet sailed across the Bay of Bengal with an army and brought under his sway several overseas territories including Ceylon, the Nicobar Islands, the parts of the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago?

152908. The greatest thinker of the socialist movement after Marx and Engels is considered to be?

152909. The Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on?

152910. Who has been honoured with Mother Teressa Award for humanitarian work?

152911. Who were the first to use copper in India?

152912. In Muslim Countries Redcross is known as..........?

152913. Pazhassi was killed on the banks of?

152914. A member of Legislative Assembly vote against the party whip is?

152915. The UN Charter signed in?

152916. Mudrarakshasa is a book written by?

152917. Fahien came to India during the reign of?

152918. All of the following rulers of the so-called Slave Dynasty were purchased as slaves in their early life, except.?

152919. Choose the correct answer: Collaborate means?

152920. The first Indian Woman who reached the peak of Mount Everest is?

152921. Eyes of potato are useful for?

152922. ‘Eczema’ affects .........---?

152923. Atomic number of an element gives?

152924. The ‘Red Shirts’is associated with?

152925. Who has bagged the ‘Icon of the Millennium’ honour at the Second Sahara India Sports Awards Ceremony?

152926. He was charged with the breach of conduct rules but was ......... by the enquiry committee.?

152927. Which one of these most reactive?

152928. Who is the founder of Redcross?

152929. The working of an atom bomb is based on?

152930. The Medulla oblongata is concerned with the control of?

152931. Which of the following exhibit highest penetration power?

152932. Swaraj Tropy is given to?

152933. The masterpriece of Chola architecture remains the great Siva temple at?

152934. Who is known as the Grand Old Man of Indian Journalism?

152935. Provide suitable prepositions: You must write the answers ......... ink .?

152936. Which of the following is a member of OAPEC?

152937. Ajanta Paintings are the finest specimens of?

152938. Patna is on the banks of the river?

152939. The famous Kumbhamela / Ardh Kumbhamela is held at?

152940. Who amongst the following Generals or Commanders, carried out coup detal against Jahangir in 1626?

152941. ‘Mark’ is the currency of?

152942. Fill up the blanks using suitable alternative: Bread and butter......... a wholesome food.?

152943. Who is the present Secretary General of OPEC?

152944. The Jat State of Bharatpur was set up by?

152945. Who was the Governor-General of British India who succeeded in suppressing Pindaris?

152946. Leave me alone; I ..........?

152947. Chaudary Charan Singh Airport is at?

152948. Simon Bolivar was a great leader of the?

152949. Rubber is coagulated from latex by adding?

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