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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3057

152851. Who is the chief administrator of the UNO?

152852. The height of Mount Everest is..............metres?

152853. Which game is associated with ‘Bulls Eye’?

152854. When was Warsaw Pact terminated?

152855. Vision 2020 - The right to right is a programme launched by?

152856. Shailesh and Mohan start from a fixed point. Shailesh moves 3 km. Northward, turns right and then covers 4 km. Mohan moves 5 km westwards, turn right and walks 3 km. The distance between Shailesh and Mohan now is?

152857. The Consumer Protection Act was passed in?

152858. Buddha attained Nirvana at......?

152859. ‘A minus B’ is a famous book written by?

152860. Choose one word A person who readily believe things called?

152861. Who among the following was known as a ‘Nirguna’ reformer?

152862. When a piece of iron is made magnetic, what happens to its sizes?

152863. The headquarters of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation is at........?

152864. Which of the following committees recommended integrated wages, income and price policy?

152865. By the time I reached home, my child ......... slept.?

152866. Vice President of India Presides over?

152867. Fill up the blanks using suitable alternative: What is the time ......... your watch?

152868. Come here and look up ......... paper.?

152869. The four main objectives of our constitution as indicated in the preamble are?

152870. He is the best speeker ......... is available.?

152871. The visitor was given a warm welcome on his ..........?

152872. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built across the river?

152873. Who led ‘Pattini Jadha’ or Starvation march?

152874. They sell ......... dresses in that store.?

152875. The prime Meridian passes through?

152876. Synonym of the word ‘recur’ is:?

152877. Short sightedness can be corrected by using?

152878. An employment advertisement should ......... the number of vacancies.?

152879. The main purpose of having a ......... of ration depots through out the country is to arrange a regular supply of essential items to the common man at fixed reasonable rates.?

152880. Which writ is issued by the Supreme Court when an office holder is not doing his legal duties:?

152881. Which is the national language Pakistan?

152882. Among the following, which food item contains the maximum quantity of carbohydrates?

152883. Bangladesh honoured the former Prime Minister of India, Indhira Gandhi, Posthumously with?

152884. India opted for 'Mixed Economy' in?

152885. When was Basket Ball Federation of India established?

152886. The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are?

152887. The work of Vaikom Mohammed Basheer is:?

152888. All American troops withdrew from Vietnam by?

152889. Which country has the most intellectual property?

152890. Use correct prepositions wherever necessary. She has great affection ......... the baby .?

152891. Name the Indian woman who for the first time won an Asian gold?

152892. In terms of population, Kerala has...........rank among the Indian States?

152893. Which of the following is the first country, which has made provisions for the protection and improvement of environment in its constitution?

152894. ......... breaking his leg, he hurt his arm too.?

152895. The Ezhava Memorial was submitted under the leadership of?

152896. The term Net shot is associated with .........?

152897. The state that accounts for the production of the major portion of India’s rubber is .........?

152898. The pages of a book are numbered from 1 to 100. How many times will it be necessary to write the number 6?

152899. Egypt gains independence from British rule in .........?

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