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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3063

153151. One of the oldest calculating device was?

153152. Organisms with cells containing paired chromosomes are called.?

153153. Oxygen enters the body of a grasshopper through?

153154. Panna in Madhya Pradesh is famous for?

153155. Part IV of the Indian Constitution deals with:?

153156. Part IX-B of the Indian Constitution deals with?

153157. Part VIII of the Indian Constitution deals with:?

153158. Perforated paper used as input of output media is known as?

153159. Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as?

153160. Punishment for identity theft is provided in Section ............. of Information Technology Act 2000?

153161. Punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form is provided in Section ............. of Information Technology Act 2000.?

153162. Raja Sansi airport is in?

153163. Right of Free and Compulsory Education Act came into force on?

153164. River Pamba was formerly known as?

153165. Sardar Vallabhabai Patel National Police Academy is in?

153166. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan was launched in?

153167. Section ......... of Information Technology Act deals with power of Central Government to make rules in respect of digital signature.?

153168. Spitivalley is situated in?

153169. The …...… is the box that houses the most important parts of a computer system.?

153170. The Akali Movement was related to?

153171. The alluvial tracts found in the South Western part of Rajasthan are known as?

153172. The battle of Kolachal held on?

153173. The blue colour of the sky is due to:?

153174. The book ‘Turning Point’ is written by:?

153175. The British Viceroy who abolished Devadasi system?

153176. The Chairman of 14th finance commission?

153177. The Chairman of Kerala State Human Rights Commission shall be?

153178. The Chairman of Planning Commission?

153179. The chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is appointed by?

153180. The classical experiments on phototropism were performed by?

153181. The coastal plains in Orissa is known as?

153182. The colour of the chromoplast is?

153183. The commando wing of Kerala Police is named as:?

153184. The committee which suggested the setting up of Lokpal and Lokayuktas.?

153185. The conversion of substances directly from solid to vapour state is known as:?

153186. The Council of States is a .......... house?

153187. The country that is related to ‘Memogate scandal’:?

153188. The designation of ‘Cheif Justice’ in India was introduced by?

153189. The disease that is caused by virus is?

153190. The early capital of Ays.?

153191. The energy source of the sun is:?

153192. The famous slogan ‘Go back to vedas’ raised by?

153193. The film producing centre in Kerala is known as?

153194. The final draft of the constitution was introduced in the Constituent Assembly on?

153195. The first Anglo-Indian nominee of Kerala Assembly.?

153196. The first Assembly Election in Kerala was held in?

153197. The first country to pass Right to Information Act?

153198. The first English Diwan of Travancore.?

153199. The first General Secretary of S.N.D.P.?

153200. The first girls school in Travancore was opened in?

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