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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3132

156601. Which organism identifies taste using its legs?

156602. Which is known as ‘painted lady’?

156603. Which organism is known as ‘friend of the farmer’?

156604. The largest insect?

156605. The animal that has chlorophyll?

156606. Insect without wings?

156607. The chemical used by insects for communication?

156608. The number of legs of a Crab?

156609. Cultivation of Bees?

156610. The number of legs of an Ant?

156611. The number of legs of a snail?

156612. The colour of the blood of Cockroach?

156613. Contracting vacoule is the excretory organ of?

156614. The number of pairs of wings of a Cockroach?

156615. Anthrax is caused by?

156616. The causative organism of Malaria?

156617. Periplaneta americana is the scientific name of?

156618. Which is known as ‘Slipper animal cule’?

156619. The respiratory organ of spider?

156620. Tamiflu is a frontline drug against?

156621. Animals living in the tree trunks are known as?

156622. The study about amphibeans and reptiles?

156623. The scales of snakes are made up of?

156624. The longest reptile?

156625. The fastest snake?

156626. Which is known as ‘the age of reptiles’?

156627. The fastest reptile?

156628. Dinossaurs were included in the group of?

156629. Which one of the following is not an extinct animal?

156630. Haemophilia is mostly associated with?

156631. High intake of which one of the following is regarded as the main cause of heart diseases?

156632. Through which one of the following are hereditary charecters are transmitted from one generation to another?

156633. The scientist who decoded the language of bees?

156634. Some plants are carnivorous.Which one of the following is of that type?

156635. Which is concerned with the classification of organisms?

156636. Metabolic processes yield substances which are harmful to the body.These are rendered harmless in the?

156637. The dermis has skin pigment cells called?

156638. The function of ‘Lymphocyte’ is?

156639. Which of the following kind of cells in the human blood have the longest life span?

156640. Which one of the following is the first phase of mitotic division?

156641. The insects which are highly destructive to buildings and wooden structures?

156642. The word ‘ecosystem’ was first coined by?

156643. Which one of the following is a hermaphrodite?

156644. Plasma membrane in eucaryotic cells is made up of?

156645. World Leprocy Eradication Day?

156646. World TB Day?

156647. The day observed on the first Tuesday of May:?

156648. World Hyper tension Day?

156649. World Day of the Deaf?

156650. Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients) is observed on?

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