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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3133

156651. World Epilepsy day?

156652. International Day for Biological Diversity?

156653. World Disabled Day?

156654. World Blood Donor Day?

156655. International Day for the Elederly?

156656. The last Sunday of September is observed as the World .....Day?

156657. World Mosquito Day is observed on?

156658. World Voluntary Blood Donation Day?

156659. Alzhiemer’s Day is observed on?

156660. World Autism Awareness Day?

156661. The second Thursday of March is observed as?

156662. The second Thursday in October is observed as?

156663. World Cancer Day?

156664. September 28 is observed as World .........Day?

156665. Genetic Engineering belongs to the science of ——?

156666. The fat content of cow milk is reduced during?

156667. The state of animal dormancy during summer?

156668. In human body the structure to which appendix is attached?

156669. In mammals, the embryo develops within the specialised part of the oviduct known as?

156670. The hormone which regulates Calcium and Phosphate in human body?

156671. A skin softener used in cosmetics, obtained from sheep is?

156672. The terms hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are related to which among the following?

156673. Skin works as a respiratory organ in which of the following organisms?

156674. Presence of which among the following salts in water causes ‘blue baby syndrome’?

156675. Schizophernia is an example of?

156676. The web of the spiders made up of?

156677. Bile is secreted by which of the following cells?

156678. Blood plasma with which among the following is called serum?

156679. The acid present in nucleic acid is?

156680. A goitre is also called?

156681. In polar tundra region which animal is used to get fur by nomadic eskimos?

156682. Fatigue is caused because of the formation and depositing of which among the following acids in muscle?

156683. The pigment melanin predominates in?

156684. Which among following sugars is maximum in honey?

156685. Which Vitamin contains a metal ion?

156686. While using sphigmomanometer, the blood pressure of _____ is measured?

156687. Other than hearing, the ear acts as a organ of?

156688. Which organ has the highest power of regeneration?

156689. White blood corpuscles in the body have a diameter approximately?

156690. Native place of Lady’s finger?

156691. The plant associated with biodiesel?

156692. The native place of the plants Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric and Cardomom?

156693. The birth place of Eucaliptus?

156694. Oil used in baby soap?

156695. What is known as ‘Vegetable gold’?

156696. Gum arabica is obtained from?

156697. The most important Khariff crop in India?

156698. The most important Rabi crop in India?

156699. What is known as ‘Timber of Gods’?

156700. The first spice used by man?

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