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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3134

156701. Which is a holy tree of Hindus, Jains and Buddhists?

156702. Which is used to make Christmas tree?

156703. Quinine is obtained from?

156704. Cork is obtained from?

156705. The wood of which tree is used for making Cricket Bat?

156706. Which is known as ‘Tree of Peace’?

156707. The fastest growing plant?

156708. What is known as ‘the Queen of Flowers’?

156709. The plant without leaf or root?

156710. The plant that absorbs moisture directly from the atmosphere?

156711. Cocos nufifera is the botanical name of?

156712. Triticum oestivum is the botanical name of?

156713. Camelia sinensis is the botanical name of?

156714. Bunchy top is a disease that affects?

156715. A plant that stores food in underground stem?

156716. The largest herb?

156717. The plant notable for its prop roots?

156718. Cashew nut was brought to India by?

156719. The pigment imparts yellow colour to Turmeric?

156720. Which is called ‘Golden Spice’?

156721. The plant that stores food in its leaves?

156722. The alkaloid present in Tobacco?

156723. The plant that absorbs ammonia directly?

156724. Turmeric is the ......of the plant?

156725. The smallest flower?

156726. Which flower is known as ‘painter’s palette’?

156727. The birth place of Jack Fruit tree?

156728. Which is contained in Grampoo?

156729. What plant is known as ‘Indian Dates’?

156730. The plant which is known as ‘poorman’s wood’?

156731. The largest fruit?

156732. The hot taste of capsicum is due to?

156733. The tissues that provides support to growing shoots and leaves of plant body?

156734. The tendency of plants to grow in response to the influence of chemicals?

156735. The pigment imparts purple/blue colour to flowers?

156736. Ornithophily is the pollination through?

156737. Zoophily is the pollination through?

156738. The hard parts of the plant body is made up of the tissues?

156739. Japanese art of flower arrangement?

156740. The food materials from leaf are carried to various parts of the plant body by?

156741. The tissues mainly responsible for food storage and conduction of substances?

156742. Which is regarded as the basis of life?

156743. Penicellin was discovered in?

156744. Xylology is the study of?

156745. Stratosphere Giant, the tallest tree in the world, is in?

156746. The study of fruits?

156747. Sericulture is the cultivation of?

156748. Yellow revolution is related to the increased production of?

156749. Black soil is most suitable for the cultivation of?

156750. The pollen grains in plants are produced in.....?

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