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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3135

156751. From which part of the plant, Quinine is obtained?

156752. Brandy is made from?

156753. Which plant is cultivated to increase the fertility of soil?

156754. Which tissue is related to the formation of new cells?

156755. Mahali disease affects .....?

156756. The hallucinogen Marijuana is obtained from?

156757. The stimulant Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of?

156758. Dalbergia latifolia is the botanical name of?

156759. The father of tissue culture?

156760. Spermology is the study of?

156761. The native place of Castor?

156762. Cotton fibre is obtained from which part of the plant?

156763. The edible part in a Jack fruit?

156764. Which tree supplies soldified milky juice used in chewing gums?

156765. Which tree is sacred to Buddhists?

156766. The leaf used to make ‘beedi’?

156767. What is the basic classification unit of plants?

156768. What is the chief food factor contained in cereals?

156769. A classical exposition of Indian medicine. It deals with almost all branches of medicine?

156770. A condition of a chronic inflammation of the thyroid, which lead to under activity?

156771. A group of glands which produce various hormones is called:

156772. A treatise on medicine and surgery from Alexandria and Rome?

156773. A treatise on the rasa chikitsa system of ancient medicine, which considers mercury as the king of all medicines.

156774. After wound or cut in a body blood coagulates through:

156775. An ancient book of 1000 B.C. deals with health, hygiene, longevity etc?

156776. An autoimmune disease of the thyroid tissue is called:

156777. Animals which eat only plants are called:

156778. Arrange the correct sequence of the steps involved in the process of Human Digestive System?

156779. Assertion (A): A man with O blood group married to a woman of blood group AB then child will never get an AB group. Reason (R): Blood group 0 gene is dominant over A, B or AB. In the above item consist of two statements, one labelled as 'Assertion (A)' and the other labelled as 'Reason (R)'. Select your answers to these items using the codes given below. Codes:

156780. Aves have evolved from:

156781. Blue green Algae are:

156782. Bombyx mori, that produces fine filaments of silk inside the cocoon, is a:

156783. Brain and the spinal cord are invested by membranes called:

156784. Chromosome complement in Turner's syndrome is

156785. Complete digestion of food occurs in:

156786. Consider the following statements:

156787. Consider the following with reference to human nutrition: (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin B2 (3) Vitamin E For which of these are green leafy vegetables rich sources?

156788. Digestion of proteins starts in the:

156789. Due to Water logging:

156790. Due to which reaction PGA is changed into phosphoglyceraldehyde in photosynthesis process?

156791. Each kidney is made up of a large number of excretory units called:

156792. Excess of amino acids is broken down to form urea in:

156793. For photosynthesis green plants require:

156794. From which of the following part of a plant opium is obtained?

156795. Fungi are plants that lack:

156796. Given bellow are the psychological manifestations of noise pollution. (i)Constriction of blood vessels (ii)Increase in the rate of heart beat (iii)Digestive spasms (iv)Dilation of pupil of the eye Select the correct options

156797. Hargobind Khorana's work relates to:

156798. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to the presence of the following in the air:

156799. Heart is made up of

156800. Hepatitis is a general term for a disease that is caused by:

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