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162251. The most important aspect of Sultan Flruz Tughluq's constructive policy was?

162252. The Sultan of Delhi who transferred two monolithic Mauryan pillars to Delhi to beautify his capital, was?

162253. Timur invaded India and ordered a general massacre of the people of Delhi during the reign of?

162254. A ruling dynasty established in India at the instance of Timur was?

162255. The Akbar of Kashmir who reconstructed and rehabilitated all the temples and asked Jonaraja to continue further Kalhana's Rajatarangini was?

162256. The most decisive battle between the forces of Dara and Aurangzeb (in the war of Succession) was fought at?

162257. Assuming the title of Alamgir, Aurangzeb crowned himself as Emperor on July 21, 1658 at?

162258. The famous Mughal General who conquered Assam, Chittagong, etc. in the north-east was?

162259. Aurangzeb, in his attempt to annex Marwar to the Mughal empire, was involved in a 30-year war. During these long years the most valiant struggle from the aide of Marwar was fought by?

162260. The Sikh Guru executed by Aurangzeb after cruel torture was?

162261. During the last 25 years of his reign, Aurangzeb was mainly involved in long-drawn wars against?

162262. Shivaji founded the Maratha kingdom by annexing the territories of?

162263. The liberal religion preached by the saints of Maharashtra and rigidly followed by Shivaji is known as?

162264. The Mughal General, who decisively defeated Shivaji and forced him to conclude the Treaty of Purandar, was?

162265. The Maratha dominion of Shivaji was known as?

162266. The Administrative Council of Shivaji was known as,?

162267. Tarabai, who conducted the affairs of the Maratha government from 1700 to 1707 AD, was the widow of the Maratha King?

162268. The Mughal government can be described as an/a?

162269. The Mughal troops were largely drawn from?

162270. The Jagirdars during the Muhgal period were?

162271. Which of the following buildings at Fatehpur Sikri is known as Ibadatkhana where Akbar used to hold religious discussions?

162272. Nur Jehan is associated with the construction of?

162273. Two marble masterpieces of the reign of Shah Jahan were?

162274. On the wall of which building built by Shah Jahan, is the following Persian couplet inscribed "if there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this"?

162275. The later Mughal King, popularly known as Shah-i-Bekhabar (the Heedless King) , was?

162276. Two Sayid brothers Sayid Abdullah Khan and Sayid Hussan Ali Khan (who rose to become the king makers during the later Mughal period) met their downfall during the reign of?

162277. The famous Sikh leader Banda Bahadur was captured and executed during the reign of the Mughal emperor?

162278. Which Mugal emperor was a great musician, a great patron of Hindustani Music and was popularly known as Rangila?

162279. During the second decade of the 18th century numerous independent dynasties were founded in different parts of India. The dynasty founded by Chin Qulich Khan (popularly known as Nizam-u1-mulk) in the Deccan was known as?

162280. The independent kingdom of Awadh 'was founded by?

162281. The founder of the independent state of Bengal was?

162282. The Jat king of Bharatpur who is known as the 'Plato of the Jat tribe' and the 'Jat Ulysses' was?

162283. Before the rise of Ranjit Singh to power, the Punjab was under the control of various?

162284. The Maratha Kingdom under the Peshwas was?

162285. The Peshwa's Secretariat at Pune (Poona) , the pivot of the Maratha government was known as?

162286. Who completed the Qutub Minar?

162287. Which of the following are true about Shivaji?(1) He was a disciple of Ramdas Samarth. (2) He levied Chauth and Sardeshmukhi. (3) He became the Peshwa?

162288. Defeated Humayun in the Battle of Kannauj (1540) also constructed the Purana Qila of New Delhi?

162289. The First Battle of Panipat (1526) was fought between?

162290. Akbar founded the Din-i-Ilahi primarily to?

162291. The Battle of Haldighati (1576) was a fight between Rajput and Mughal forces. Who led the Mughal forces?

162292. Name the Rajput General who bravely fought the Battle of Khanwa before losing to Babar?

162293. Defeat in the Battle of Talikota saw the downfall of which empire?

162294. Babar came to India originally from?

162295. The medieval ruler who was the first to establish a ministry of agriculture was?

162296. At the time, when Nadir Shah attacked Delhi, the Mughal Emperor was?

162297. Consider the following statements regarding the Vijayanagar empire: (1) It was named after the city of Vijayanagara. (2) Krishnadeva Raya was the greatest of all the Vijayanagar rulers. (3) Kings of Vijayanagar ruled on behalf of Shaivite deity Virupaksha. (4) Vijayanagar empire successfully resisted the march of the Delhi Sultans to the south. Which of these statements are correct?

162298. The founder of the Pala dynasty of Bengal was?

162299. The first Muslim ruler to introduce the system of price control was?

162300. Alberuni came to India along with?

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