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162451. Babarnama was written by?

162452. The Upanishadas were translated into Persian by?

162453. Humayunnama was written by?

162454. Prince Dara Shukoh was the son of?

162455. The art of painting in the Mughal age was ___ in origin?

162456. The Mughal School of Painting was interested in portraying?

162457. The Jahangir Mahal at Agra was bunt by?

162458. Jama Masjid at Delhi was bunt by?

162459. _____built by Shah Jahan is one of the unrivalled beauties of the world?

162460. _____was the first Mughal Emperor to acquire Koh-i-noor diamond?

162461. The Peacock throne was bunt by?

162462. Koh-i-noor diamond was presented to Aurangzeb by?

162463. Baz Bahadur was a in the court of Akbar?

162464. Tansen was originally in the service of?

162465. The Mongols attacked India, for the first time, during the period of?

162466. Under the Mughals, the Police duties in urban areas were entrusted to the officers known as?

162467. During the Mughal rule, the police duties in the districts were entrusted to the officials known as?

162468. The Adi Granth was compiled by?

162469. Guru Arjan Dev transferred the headquarters to?

162470. The Sikh Guru who fought in the Mughal ranks during the reign of Aurangazeb was?

162471. Guru Gobind Singh was the son of?

162472. The English and the Dutch were firmly established in all the parts of the Coast from Sind to Bengal by the middle of the?

162473. Dadaji was the guardian of?

162474. In his early days Shivaji moved with?

162475. Shivaji started his public career at the age of?

162476. The estate of Shivaji's father was?

162477. Shivaji's administration owed its origin to the principles laid down by?

162478. During Shivaji's rule the Council of the State consisted of?

162479. Under Shivaji each province was under a?

162480. Chauth and Sardeshmukhi were paid by?

162481. Under Shivaji's rule, the head of a unit of 25 in the Cavalry was known as?

162482. Shivaji maintained a fleet at?

162483. Sambhaji was the successor of?

162484. Aurangzeb sent Mukarrab Khan against?

162485. The Marathas first served the rulers of?

162486. Under the Mughal rule the Chief Minister was known as?

162487. During the Mughal rule the finance minister was known as?

162488. With the help of Baghnuk (Tiger-claws) Shivaji killed?

162489. Shahu defeated Tara Bai at _____ in 1707?

162490. During the Mughal rule in the field of agriculture Parauti was the land?

162491. Under the Mughals the cotton goods were exported to?

162492. During the Mughal period the main source of Imperial revenue was?

162493. Under the Mughal rule the main occupation of the people was?

162494. Slaves who were in great demand under the Mughals were?

162495. The Mughals have been made immortal by their achievements in the field?

162496. The most important feature of the Mughal building was the?

162497. All the early Mughal Emperors except ___ were great builders?

162498. Babar summoned the pupils of the famous architect Sinan from?

162499. Jammi Mosque was built at?

162500. The Mughal architecture attained unrivalled magnificence during the reign of?

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