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162501. Indo-Persian style of architecture attained its supreme beauty in the reign of?

162502. The Pearl Mosque was built by?

162503. The Hindu painting was closely connected with pictorial art of the?

162504. When Humayun was in exile Koh-i-noor Diamond was with?

162505. The Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan was made of?

162506. There were jewelled steps leading to the Emperor's seat, in the Peacock Throne?

162507. The huge wealth of the Mughals Cell into the hands of _______ after the capture of Delhi in 1739?

162508. The Lilavati was a treatise on?

162509. Khan Khanan rendered Babur's Memoires into?

162510. Kondana was renamed Singarh by?

162511. Under Shivajl's rule of the produce were to be given by the peasant to the state?

162512. Sambaji plundered the Mughal territories in?

162513. Guru Nanak was born at?

162514. According to Guru Nanak Salvation could be obtained?

162515. The Apostolate of the Sikhs consisted of leaders?

162516. The stone railing which Aurangzeb ordered to remove was presented to Keshav Rai Temple by?

162517. Guru Gobind Singh was assassinated by a?

162518. During the reign of Aurangzeb, Rajaram was a?

162519. During the Mughal period there was continuous emigration of the ____ to places ruled by Hindu Rajas?

162520. Babar was originally the ruler of?

162521. When Babar invaded India in 1525, Humayun was the Governor of?

162522. Rana Sanga was the ruler of?

162523. The battle between Babar and Rana Sanga was fought at?

162524. In 1542 Akbar was born at?

162525. Humayun died in the year?

162526. The original name of Sher Shah was?

162527. Sher Shah defeated Humayun at?

162528. Maldeva was the ruler of?

162529. Sher Shah's last campaign was against?

162530. Sher Shah was succeeded by?

162531. Under Sher Shah the largest administrative unit was administered by a Chief namely?

162532. The revenue system initiated by Sher Shah influenced the revenue system of?

162533. Akbar was enthroned in a garden at?

162534. The second Battle of Panipat was fought between Hemu and?

162535. Hemu was captured and brought before Akbar by____?

162536. Akbar's teacher was?

162537. Akbar's nurse-in-chief was?

162538. Balram Khan was murdered at?

162539. Jizya was abolished by the Mughal ruler?

162540. Akbar defeated Durgawati and captured?

162541. Akbar suppressed the rebellion of Abdullah Khan, the Governor of?

162542. Udai Singh was ruler of?

162543. Akbar saw the sea for the first time in his life at?

162544. Akbar married a bride from?

162545. Hakim Mirza, the younger brother of Akbar was the viceroy of?

162546. Of the following, with whom Akbar did not come into contact?

162547. Srinagar was captured in 1586 by the General?

162548. The fortress of Asirgarh was under the rule of ___ when Akbar besieged it?

162549. Chand Bibi was the ruler of?

162550. Todar Mal hailed from?

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