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162551. Vasco-da-Gama arrived at _____ in 1498?

162552. First Portuguese factory was established in?

162553. First Portuguese factory was established by?

162554. During his second voyage, Vasco-da-Gama strengthened the defence of?

162555. The Zamorin's neet was destroyed by the Protuguese Viceroy?

162556. Goa was captured by?

162557. Persian horses were obtained by Vijaya-nagar with the help of?

162558. Which of the following was not introduced by the Portuguese to India?

162559. The Mughal Emperor who caused the murder of Guru Arjan was?

162560. Original name of Mumtaj Mahal was?

162561. Amar Singh was ruler of?

162562. Mumtaj Mahal was the daughter of?

162563. Malik Amber, Commander of forces of Ahmadnagar was a/an?

162564. Prince Khurram was given the title of?

162565. A hearty welcome was extended to the English captain Hawkins by the Mughal Emperor?

162566. Sir Thomas Roe came to India with a letter from the British Monarch?

162567. The peacock throne was constructed by the Mughal Emperor?

162568. Mumtaj Mahal died at?

162569. The title of Alamgir was assumed by?

162570. Shah Jahan was kept in prison by Aurangzeb at?

162571. Of the following which was not built by Shah Jahan?

162572. The construction of Taj Mahal was directed by?

162573. The title of Mahakavi Rai was given by Shah Jahan to?

162574. The Ahoms were of ____ origin?

162575. On behalf of Aurangzeb Cooch Behar was seized by?

162576. Mir Jumla was a/an?

162577. The leader of the Yusufzai Pathans was?

162578. The leader of the Afridis clan was?

162579. The Mughala aubdued the Pathans by following the policy of?

162580. Maharaja Jaswant Singh was the ruler of?

162581. Maharaja Jaswant Singh died at?

162582. Of the following sons or Aurangzeb who rebelled against Aurangzeb?

162583. On behalf of Aurangzeb Shivaji attacked?

162584. Mzal Khan who fought with Shivaji was the ruler of?

162585. Aurangzeb appointed his uncle Shayista Khan as Governor of?

162586. Shayista Khan escaped with the loss of three fingers from?

162587. Shivaji attacked Shayista Khan in the night at?

162588. Shayista Khan was succeeded by as _____ Governor of Deccan?

162589. Shivaji sacked ______ and secured a large booty?

162590. Shivaji submitted to Jai Singh and signed the treaty of?

162591. Shivaji's Agra Adventure was planned by?

162592. Jai Singh of Amber died at?

162593. Shivaji crowned himself at?

162594. Shivaji crowned himself as King in the year?

162595. When Aurangzeb proceeded against Golcunda it was ruled by?

162596. The Sikh Guru who was executed by Aurangzeb was?

162597. Of the following who did not revolt against Aurangzeb?

162598. Aurangzeb died in the year?

162599. The scholar who had accompanied Mohammed of Ghazni to India was?

162600. In which town is the mausoleum of Sher Shah located?

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