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162601. Which art did Jahangir patronise in particular?

162602. To whom does the Lingayat Movement owe its origin?

162603. Which was the language adopted by the Bhakti saints to preach their ideas to the masses?

162604. A standing army had been introduced by?

162605. In the year 1528, Akbar took the momentous step of?

162606. Which Mughal emperor is credited with having composed secular Hindi songs?

162607. What does the Sangam age owe its name to?

162608. The Shahnama had been written by?

162609. What did Ramanuja preach?

162610. What are the sculptures of the Mathura School of Art made out of?

162611. Who had preached "Rama and Rahim are two different names of the same God"?

162612. Which Sultan's reign witnessed as much as half of the produce being charged as revenue from certain provinces?

162613. During the period 1000-1026 AD, how many plundering raids did Mahmud of Ghaznavi carry out in India?

162614. In which year did Mahmud of Ghaznavi perform the infamous plunder of the Somnath temple?

162615. The Purana Qila (at Delhi) was constructed in the reign of?

162616. The mausoleum of Jahangir had been built by _____ at _____?

162617. The architectural structures constructed by Shah Jahan did not include?

162618. Which Mughal ruler's reign has been described as the golden age of medieval art and architecture?

162619. Who is the author of the famous literary work Tahqiq-i-Hind?

162620. The Char Minar had been constructedby?

162621. Of the following European nations, only the ______ did not attempt to establish trading centres in India?

162622. Akbar had constructed several forts, which did not include the one of?

162623. Name the religious personality who exercised a great influence over Shivaji?

162624. Whom did the Lingayats worship?

162625. In whose reign had Islam been abolished as the state religion?

162626. Name the famous Sufi saint whose mausoleum was erected at Fatehpur Sikri?

162627. Permission to the British to establish their trading centre at Surat had been given by the Mughal emperor?

162628. Who was the ruler of Chittor, when Alauddin Khalji attacked and conquered it in 1303 AD?

162629. Market control had been first introduced in Medieval India by?

162630. The two principal monuments of Alauddin Khalji reign – the Alai Darwaza and Jama at Khana Masjid – were constructed at?

162631. Token currency had been introduced for the first time in India by?

162632. To whom had Mohammad Ghuri assigned the first Iqta in India?

162633. Sri Perumbudur, a temple town in southern India, is the birthplace of?

162634. The special feature of the financial system of Vijayanagara was?

162635. Which Rajput dynasty had not surrendered to Akbar?

162636. The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from the system prevalent in?

162637. The East India Company was founded in India during the reign of?

162638. The discriminatory Jizya tax was abolished by?

162639. Vasco-da-Gama came to India in _____ and landed at _____?

162640. What was the capital of Shivaji's Kingdom?

162641. The island of Bombay had been given to the British Prince Charles II as dowry by the?

162642. The Dutch first established their hold in India in the year 1605 at?

162643. Which Indian ruler had requested Napoleon for help in driving the British away from India?

162644. Amir Khusrau's name is associated with the invention of the?

162645. Fatehpur Sikri had been founded by?

162646. The Khajuraho shrines built by the Chandella rulers are dedicated to?

162647. Who is the only women historian to have written a historical account of Mughal Period?

162648. Who is the author of the famous book Gita Gobinda?

162649. The authoritative treatise on Hindu law, Mitakshara, was written by?

162650. Rajatarangini by Kalhan is a history of?

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