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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3310

165501. The modern State is a/an?

165502. Under the Cabinet Government the right to reshuffle the cabinet rests with the?

165503. Who administers the oath of office to the Vice- President of India?

165504. A Presidential Ordinance remains in force for?

165505. Usually the head of the State dissolves the Parliament before its term expires, on the advice of the?

165506. In which one of the following countries the Supreme Court cannot declare a law passed by the Federal Legislature as unconstitutional, even if it violates the country's Constitution?

165507. In which one of the following countries, the members of the Upper House of Federal Legislature are nominated for life?

165508. Article 32 makes/gives the Supreme Court of India?

165509. Equal pay for equal work for both men and women has been laid down In the Indian Constitution as one of the?

165510. Under the Indian Constitution right to freedom of speech and expression is denied to?

165511. Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution in the year?

165512. The Fundamental Rights can be suspended?

165513. Who among the following decides the nature of a bill?

165514. Under the Constitution the 'Residuary Powers' belong to the?

165515. The President of India has immunity from?

165516. The executive of a State Government comprises the?

165517. The lower age limit for election as President of India is?

165518. Can a citizen approach a court for the enforcement of a Directive Principle?

165519. The difference between an Additional Judge and an Acting Judge of a High Court is?

165520. The Fundamental Rights as contains in our Constitution are grouped under ___ categories.?

165521. The concept of nomination of members to the Rajya Sabha by the President has been borrowed from the Constitution of?

165522. The right to decide on the Fundamental Rights that are not available to members of the armed forces rests with the?

165523. Before assuming his office the President has to take an oath in the presence of the Chief Justice of India or in his absence the?

165524. The position of the Vice-President of India is analogous to the position of the Vice-President of?

165525. A person is entitled to Indian Citizenship, if he is/if he fulfills?

165526. The Fundamental Rights have the sanction of?

165527. The Directive Principles of State Policy are non- justiciable which means that?

165528. Universal Adult Franchise means the right to vote granted to all?

165529. 'Franchise' means the?

165530. The Returning Officers for the State Assembly Elections are appointed by the?

165531. In a Parliamentary form of Government the?

165532. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, based on the Mount-batten Plan, on?

165533. Reserved seats exist in a State Assembly for?

165534. The Indian States have been reorganised on the basis of?

165535. Who among the following articulated his demand in 1938, for a Constituent Assembly on the basis of adult franchise?

165536. The gestation period of the Indian Constitution was?

165537. Article ___ is an in-built instrument in the Constitution for its amendment.?

165538. Promotion of international peace and security is dealt with in Article __ of the Constitution.?

165539. The USA has a ___ form of Government.?

165540. The House of Lords is the upper chamber of Parliament in?

165541. The Chief Election Commissioner and members of the Election Commission can be removed from office by the?

165542. The term 'Equal Protection of Law' in the Indian Constitution is borrowed from the Constitution of the?

165543. Who appoints Secretary General of the Lok Sabha?

165544. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha can?

165545. Which among the following qualifications is not essential for a person to become the Vice-President of India?

165546. Impeachment of President is a?

165547. Impeachment of President is conducted in the?

165548. Who among the following has the power to adjourn the Council of States?

165549. The right to initiate amendments of the Constitution rests with the?

165550. A Governor is liable to be transferred from one State to another?

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