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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3309

165451. In the division of the power under the Constitution who has been given more powers?

165452. The theory of 'basic structure' of the Constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in?

165453. In which part of the Constitution Is the State enjoined to establish Panchayati Raj institutions?

165454. Which one of the following is charged to the Consolidated Fund of India and can be spent without authorisation by Parliament?

165455. According to the Supreme Court, the goal of Indian Socialism is a 'blend of __ and __ leaning heavily towards Gandhian Socialism.?

165456. The Quorum of a Legislative Council is?

165457. The maximum permitted strength of anyone State in the Rajya Sabha is?

165458. To whom among the following groups is the Right against Exploitation guaranteed by the Indian Constitution?

165459. The procedure for resolving a disagreement between the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is?

165460. Which among the following countries has a Unitary System of Government?

165461. A Constitution is said to be flexible if?

165462. The Panchayati Raj institutions depend for funds mainly on?

165463. The Eighth Schedule of the Constitution enumerates the?

165464. Which day of the year is observed as the Commonwealth Day?

165465. The first Independence Day (August 15, 1947) fell on a?

165466. The expression 'Justice' in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution is used?

165467. In the Republic of India?

165468. A person accused of an offence wants to engage a counsel of his choice for his defence. According to the provisions of the Indian Constitution?

165469. A joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament is held?

165470. A joint sitting of both the Houses or Parliament is summoned by the?

165471. A joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament is presided over by the?

165472. __ is the official language of Nagaland.?

165473. Nagaland is bounded on the east by?

165474. Nagaland was made a separate State by taking out the __ out of the State of Assam.?

165475. A High Court for a Union Territory may be constituted by?

165476. In the discharge of his functions the Attorney General is assisted by?

165477. The Rajasthan High Court is located at?

165478. Who among the following former Presidents of India was Trade Union Leader?

165479. The ___ has the final power to maintain order within the House of the People.?

165480. The right to prorogue the two Houses of Parliament rests with the?

165481. In a federal system of government powers are divided between the Centre and the States by?

165482. Who among the following can attend meetings of the Union Cabinet?

165483. The rank of the different Ministers in the Union Council of Ministers is determined by the?

165484. The Vice-President of India is eligible for re-election by a?

165485. The power to extend and/or restrict the jurisdiction of a High Court rests with the?

165486. A retired judge of the Supreme Court of India can resume practice in the?

165487. The Planning Commission is a/an?

165488. The first citizen of India is the?

165489. June 25, 1975 was significant date in the history of the nation because?

165490. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament is appointed by the?

165491. The Sarkaria Commission has laid down certain guidelines for appointment of Governors. Find the 'odd man' out.?

165492. The Legislature of the USA is known as the?

165493. The original Constitution provided for ___ Judges besides the Chief Justice for the Supreme Court of India.?

165494. The type of Government adopted in the Indian Constitution is?

165495. Fundamental Duties are duties of?

165496. The President of India?

165497. The seven Union Territories occupy roughly __ per cent of the total area of the country.?

165498. The net proceeds of taxes are distributed between the Centre and the States on the recommendations of the?

165499. The pledge for the independence of the country was taken all over India for the first time on?

165500. The Cabinet is jointly responsible to the lower chamber of Parliament in the United Kingdom. The name of the lower chamber is?

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