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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3308

165401. Which state enjoys the distinction of being the first linguistic State of India?

165402. Which one of the following writs is considered a bulwark of Individual freedom?

165403. Who among the following is/are not appointed by the President?

165404. The Speaker can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This is known as?

165405. State Legislatures have ___ role in the election of the Vice- President of India.?

165406. The casting vote on any issue is given to the Speaker only?

165407. State Governors are responsible for their actions to the?

165408. Fundamental Duties are?

165409. The Idea of Incorporation of the 'Concurrent List' in the Indian Constitution has been borrowed from the Constitution of?

165410. In which case did the Supreme Court strike down certain provisions of the 42nd Amendment and restored primacy of fundamental rights over the Directive Principles?

165411. Which among the following does not form part of the Preamble?

165412. The Union Government has brought the land reform laws in the __ Schedule of the Constitution.?

165413. Which among the following has not been Included in the list of languages under the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India?

165414. The first ever meeting of the Union Cabinet outside New Delhi was held in?

165415. The Punjab and Haryana High Court has territorial jurisdiction over the States of Punjab and Haryana and?

165416. Which of the following houses is presided over by a nonmember?

165417. The members of the Vidhan Sabha in Indian States are?

165418. The functional head of the Government is the?

165419. For the Union Territories which have no legislatures of their own laws are enacted by the?

165420. The first sitting of Union Parliament after the First General Election held in 1951-52 was on?

165421. The first Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was?

165422. Appointment of District Judges in a State shall be made by the?

165423. Who among the following draws the maximum salary?

165424. Rajya Sabha is considered to be a permanent House because?

165425. The minimum age to qualify for member-ship of the Rajya Sabha is?

165426. According to Article 24, no child below the age of ___ years shall be employed to work in any factory or mines.?

165427. State Assembly elections are conducted by the?

165428. A minister who is not a member of the State Legislative Assembly is required to secure the people's verdict in his favour in a by-election within?

165429. How long can one under our Constitution remain a Prime Minister, even without being a member of either House of Parliament?

165430. By convention the Governor of a State generally belongs to?

165431. The financial powers enjoyed by the President of India are/is?

165432. The Election Commission enjoys?

165433. The Vice-President is a member of?

165434. The authority to dissolve a State Legislative Assembly is vested in the?

165435. Which among the following countries has a Presidential form of Government?

165436. A hopeless tribal woman of Assam sends a telegram to the Supreme Court that the police have confined her to unlawful custody. Which of the following writs shall be issuable by the Supreme Court to provide a suitable remedy to her?

165437. The term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner is ___ years.?

165438. In a Constitutional Monarchy the real power is enjoyed by the?

165439. The Parliamentary form of Government first evolved in?

165440. The Cabinet System of Government first evolved in?

165441. The Constitution of India describes India as a Union of States which means that the?

165442. The President of India has the power to take over the administration of a State if its Government cannot be carried on, according to the provisions of?

165443. Of the two Houses of the Union Parliament?

165444. The fundamental right which permits Indian citizens free discussion and exchange of views including the freedom of the Press is the right to?

165445. The Constitution of India describes India as a?

165446. The first woman to become the Speaker of a State Assembly in India was?

165447. The salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court are drawn from?

165448. Which among the following subjects is contained in the Concurrent List?

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