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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 364

18201. Presence of __________ in water stream are deleterious to aquatic life.

18202. Acute danger to human life (i.e. death) exists, if the concentration of CO2 in atmospheric air exceeds __________ percent (by volume).

18203. Methyl iso-cynate (MIC) gas (TLV <1 ppm), which caused Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 falls under the category of __________ toxic gas.

18204. Noise level heard inside a bus in busy city traffic or inside a sub-way train corresponds to about __________ decibels.

18205. Presence of volatile compounds like gasoline, oil, alcohol, ether etc. in municipal sewers may cause

18206. Noise produced by cooling fans (employed in air cooled heat exchangers or cooling tower) is mainly caused due to the turbulence created by blade passage through air. It can be reduced by use of a slower fan

18207. Presence of soluble organics in polluted water causes

18208. Which of the following pollutants, if present in atmosphere is detectable by its odour ?

18209. Which of the following language groups are declared as classical languages by the government?

18210. In water treatment plant, zeolite process is used to remove the __________ of water.

18211. For existence of aquatic life in water, the dissolved oxygen content in it, should not be less than __________ ppm.

18212. Fresh sewage is __________ in nature.

18213. In a sedimentation tank, the detention period for water ranges from __________ hours.

18214. On prolonged exposure to high concentration of carbon monoxide (> 5000 ppm), man dies because

18215. Workers working in __________ industry are most prone to white lung cancer.

18216. A standard test for determination of hardness in water is termed as __________ test.

18217. TLV of lead for public sewer/waste water is about __________ ppm.

18218. Presence of nitrates in water in excess of 50 ppm causes

18219. In sewage treatment, the detention period allowed for oxidation ponds ranges from __________ weeks.

18220. Coal mines drainage waste water (acidic in nature) results from the earth's water percolating through the voids created in coal bed during mining. This polluted water which either drains out naturally to water courses or are removed before starting the mining is

18221. Fine grit present in sewage is removed in the __________ during sewage treatment.

18222. The lowest layer of atmosphere is known as the

18223. As per the world health organisation (WHO) specification, the maximum permissible concentration (i.e., TLV) of particulate matter in air is __________ μg/m3.(μg-microgram)

18224. Which of the following is not a weightless pollutant ?

18225. Global warming may result in

18226. Which of the following is the most lethal water pollutant ?

18227. Presence of carbon monoxide in atmosphere produced by decomposition of chlorophyl and haemoglobin breakdown of some animals, beyond TLV (>50 ppm)

18228. The earth's atmosphere is an envelope of gases present upto a height of about __________ kms.

18229. Which of the following is an adsorbant used for the removal of SO2 from gas/air ?

18230. Higher concentration of nitrogen dioxide in atmospheric air causes

18231. Ozone is

18232. The permissible color for domestic water supply is __________ ppm.

18233. High noise levels produced during operation of fans and compressors can be reduced by using

18234. The Killer gas which caused Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 was

18235. Aerosols present in atmospheric air may be

18236. Ethanolamine is an absorbant used for the removal of __________ from air/gas.

18237. Which of the following causes death by asphyxiation, if its presence in atmospheric air exceeds maximum allowable concentration (i.e. > 50 ppm) ?

18238. __________ plant emits large amount of SO2 as an air pollutant.

18239. Noise pollution level in a chemical plant is expressed in

18240. The maximum permissible noise level to which a man working in a chemical plant can be exposed for eight hours per day is about __________ decibels.

18241. The most commonly used chemical coagulant in water treatment is

18242. The biological decomposition of organic substances in wastes controlled conditions is called

18243. Lung cancer & DNA breakage are the major ill effects of excessive ozone exposure to human beings. Ozone layer depletion in the atmosphere is mainly caused by the presence of

18244. Smog is not formed due to the presence of __________ in the atmosphere.

18245. A hatred or dislike of women or girls

18246. Which of the following is not a source of ozone emission in the atmosphere ?

18247. Oceans act as sinks for atmospheric gases including carbon dioxide whose concentration in the atmosphere is increased by the

18248. A book published after the death of its author

18249. The upper layer of atmosphere is called the

18250. Which of the following is the most widely used disinfectant in water treatment ?

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